Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coming Home

 Kara and I finished up the yard work yesterday. She on the front end loader, me on the vintage tractor. We were a sight I am sure!! Ha
 Today we a cooking fools. Italian beef in the crock pot for Sunday dinner.
 A pot of veggie soup made from last years garden simmering on the stove. Hubby's all time favorite
 M&M cookies tucked in the pantry
 Kara's first ever as my helper macaroni salad for Sunday dinner. She had a big bowl after we were done and loved it.
 Chocolate layer desert, also on the menu for Sunday dinner
 Cherry jello because Kara was so into cooking today. What the heck, the grands love them some jello and whip cream. Papaw serves up the whip cream, a little on the desert and a squirt or two in their sweet mouths. Don't eve eat whip cream at our house, you never know what child has been sucking on the top. Ha
 A CLEAN table, no sewing to be seen (unless you look in the laundry room, sewing room, guest bedroom)
 Our table is ready for one of papaws favorite things. Everyone stuffing their mouths and laughing out loud.
Why all this comfort winter sorta food? It's a wonderful 64 degrees with a steady light rain. Some might say it's dreary, I say its a blessing. (remember no central AC)

Papaw is on the last leg of his very long drive from TX to spend a glorious week with us. Translation: get the estimates for central AC, new windows, new roof, new computer, new jeep cover, new engine on nanny's good tractor, escort nanny to the jewelery shop to have wedding band cut off (super sad over that) Oh yes it is going to be a very expensive end of summer blow out for us!!!!

This list along with even more smaller ticket items are what have gone wrong or are going wrong in the LONG month hubby has been gone. It's been a pretty darn stinky time here lately. I have beat my head against the wall for too long trying to get reliable workmen to come give us and estimates. My super hero better have his cape on when he pulls in the drive.

I am not one of those "wait till your Daddy gets home" or "honey I don't know how to do this, that or the other" but the whole one thing after the other breaking down has had me in a tail spin.Who would think in the year 2013 every darn one of these money suckers want to speak to the man of the house. Here;s a news flash you chauvinist jerks. Hubby has no idea what account to write a check from, you wanta get paid you better be dealing with the "lady" of the house.

Off to play doll babies with Kara while we wait for Papaw to show his happy face

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  1. Wow, I'm so behind in my blog reading! Where has hubby been? Yes, I've dealt with chauvinists who only want to pay attention to the 'man'...very irritating. Your house looks beautiful and your food looks delicious! I'm glad the temps are lower for you. No AC is really tough.

    P.S. I LOVE the baby doll clothes! You are a sewing genius! :)!