Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sewing Away the Blues

 I purchased this pack of 4 receiving blankets at Wally world for  $9.95
 After giving each blanket a good steam ironing, I cut off 8 inches vertically and 8 inches horizontally. After that I trimmed off the edging on the remaining sides.
 On too a double fold hem before stitching on a decorative stitch on all sides.
 The leftover fabric from each receiving blanket was turned into matching summer PJ sets.
Might as well jazz each set up with the little girls name who will be receiving this frugal gift. Sew $10.00 was turned into four gifts of three pieces each, works out to $2.50 per set. Pretty darn good deal don't you think?
I am what I hope to be one day away from finishing up all the Bitty baby repurposing, altering, scrap busting outfits I have spread from one end of the kitchen to the other. What a mess!! But OH SEW FUN!!!  Our little girls, some of their friends, my own friends, and of course some things for the play room here at home will have a super nice gift coming up this Christmas (and other special occasions).
The big girls and I will pull out a few things from the huge stock pile of bitty clothes and accessories for the grands this Christmas. The rest will be stored away (who knows where) for future gifts. Many things are not toddler friendly enough for the grands yet. We also want them to learn to take good care of their special little clothes for the new babies. If we gift too much at one time they may not be as appreciative as they should be if that make any sense? 
This whole Bitty baby obsession has been just what I needed to ward off the blues over what all has gone wrong this past month. Really the entire summer could be considered a pretty darn stinky season. Oh Fall, how I look forward to welcoming you back!! Ha
 On days when I really didn't want to face another day with what I knew would be yet one more problem or broken something or other knowing I had some happy work to fill the day got my motor running. I'm not someone who can just sit around (as if you didn't already know that) but all this STUFF over the summer had begun to add up. The price tag for all the monkey wrench's thrown our way hasn't been added up yet but it will be in the thousands. sigh
I think by Wednesday morning the kitchen table, counters, floor, stove and every other flat surface will be cleared off. Just in time to start the next project! DD#1 has put in a request for Karsyn's 3rd BD party. I am thinking it should be fairly easy to do. The cost will be minimal, I know since I have already purchased what we should need (I hope).
What do you do to keep your spirits up when the world seems to keep throwing you curve balls? I could use a few new ideas as I am afraid Mr. Murphy has decided to move in!!


  1. Just dropping in to give you this pattern for bitty baby shoes that you can make from felt! http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/heather_bailey/2006/06/bitty_booties.html

    Love you many idea's and I got those $2.00 shoes at wally world too! BUT...yesterday they were half price because they are setting up for the holiday toys!

  2. Thanks so much Holee!! Can't wait to give the new pattern a try. Humm..maybe need to check out wally world again, I hate to miss out on a sale!! Ha

  3. How awesome are you!!?? UBER awesome! Love those sets!!!

  4. You are amazing! Oh, to be one of your granddaughters!!