Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY in September

 Here is block #2 of my "Cake Walk" quilt.
 Sew much fun and ZERO spending
 The last row has been sewn on this UFO teen charity quilt, on to the backing, sandwiching and quilting.
 I have been so depressed over the massive amount of money we are spending on updating/repairers here at home. AC, new windows, and a roof are all necessary things that need to be done before retirement but they sure are not pretty to look at. DD#1 has been DIY crazy this past year. Seems like once a week she forwards me something that she needs me to whip up that will finish off whatever it is she is working on. When she offered to help me update our powder room on a budget I jumped all over that! Ha I am sick to death of the color on the walls and the outdated vanity.
SIL#2 will be doing any plumbing that's involved for free. I am gonna cash in on all that babysitting I've done over the past 3 years! Ha  Hubby's dear head........well we would both like to see it go, however hubby might have a fit when he gets home to see it's missing. I must say this dear has been quite a conversation piece over the years. I'm just not sure if it should stay or go. Feel free to share your thoughts on hubby's pride and joy.
I have felt lazy as a slug all day long. Every single thing I have completed has seemed like a real chore, so not like me. To heck with it, I am gonna call it a day and hope for a whole lot more energy tomorrow.
Carla will be hosting a No/Low spend challenge for September if anyone would like to join in. As much as I would like to participate and NEED to participate I will have to pass on this one as September will be a BIG spend month for us!! So darn many home repairs and updates :(
The one thing other than the new "Cake Walk" quilt I am looking forward to around the house is gutting the powder room with DD#1. I have set a budget of $600.00 to do the deed. That might seem like a lot of money but there is a LOT to do.
Step #1 is to refurbish the vanity. I can't find a new cabinet that will fit the footprint I have to work with unless we destroy and replace the tile floor. That is not going to happen!! The tile is in great shape, it needs to stay. I had an estimate done years ago to have the  kitchen cabinets refaced. The cost was ridiculously high and I don't want a covering placed on solid wood cabinets. The only other option is to refinish the vanity we have. Anybody in the mood to come over and sand? I will be happy to do the cooking! Ha   DD#1 likes to paint, I don't, sooooo I will be doing the sanding she will do the painting. All of the hardware will be replaced, new counter top and sink installed by SIL#1 if I can find something to fit, and he will replace the fixtures for us.
The work starts tomorrow. I am not sure how long the sanding will take, I have set a goal of September 6th for this step. I am thinking it should be the hardest and longest to accomplish.
 We shall see how this is going to work out. Having no central air is going to be a bugger to work in!!!! Anyone else doing any DIY projects around the house?


  1. love, love , love Cake Walk!!! depressed is NOT the work as we need so much done and keep putting it off OR doing a bit at the time. I walked our of Cliff's bath yesterday that has two layers of wall paper partially removed and thought ," I think I will just get some paint and see what happens..!!""

    also, the labels came from Etsy and she is really good and will work with you on design.


  2. Love your project, looking good. O my, my powder room is in desperate need of a facelift too....sounds like so much work that I keep putting it off.

  3. Wow- You have a lot of work ahead of you. Quilting must be kind of a nice "escape" for you in a way- xo Diana

  4. Your Deer head is in an odd place!lol!! How about putting it in the garage for your hubby? That way he still has it.

    My son leaving for college this weekend. I think I'll be re-doing his room. Enjoying your cake!!! Great work!!

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