Friday, April 24, 2015

Back to reality

 Our girl time trip was wonderful!!! We try to go out for one adventure each year to get in some fresh air and sight seeing. This year we hit the "Wild Plum Tea House" for lunch.
 It's very early spring in the Mountain's but their little gardens tucked around the cabin were still a sight to behold.
 How cute is this Lady scarecrow :) Her head was made from an old leaf rake with yellow mums for hair, daisies for her eyes, plums for her lips. So cute an clever.
 Loved this little Fairy garden
 The food was delicious, wild plum tea....really good but too sweet for my taste
A perfectly sweet way to spend time with friends. way!!! The chairs and servings were Lady size. I will admit right here that I ordered two meals when I saw the size of the servings :) A girl has to keep up her energy level!!!!

Five days just flew by!!!!Seems like we had no more than arrived, unloaded the massive amount of supplies we brought along when it was time to pack it all back into the cars. The weather was perfect!! Not to hot, not to cold, and we enjoyed a huge thunderstorm one evening. The storm got a little bigger than I would have liked but there is nothing better than being in a cozy cabin with a tin roof for some good sleep.

I got home in time to unpack the car......That's it. I have junk scattered around the house, nothing is put away :( and the kiddo's will be here soon. sigh

I have not completed my top secret scrapbooking project yet, until I do I need to keep the supplies handy for some quick on the run scraping. My goal is to have it completed and delivered a week from today. Holy Cow!!!!! I have no idea how I will pull it off but it must be done ASAP.

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  1. we didn't enjoy the meal when we ate there last. Beautiful location though.