Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thankful for Monday's

 Another action packed weekend with the grands. When I say our Tyler is TALL you can take it to the bank :) At only 8 years old like his Daddy he towers over the others.
The little girls got some alone time without all the stinky boys Sunday afternoon. Forget the days of helping nanny in the kitchen. When Papaw is around he is King!!

I spent my Monday trying to get the house back in order after a weekend on the run watching the grands play various sports along with some heavy duty yard work. With all the attic crap scattered around it looks like I haven't done a thing around here, grrr

Today is our second try to have the bottom few boards of siding replaced on the exterior of our home. Last week they didn't bother to call or show up. Hubby had the pleasure of dealing with them. We are expecting heavy rain all day today. Wonder if they will at least call to cancel and reschedule? These people along with so many other home improvement companies want thousands of dollars to do the work in their own sweet time. Aggravates me to no end!!!!

On for today...more sorting in the attic. I think I can finish that part up today which leaves just getting two twin beds out of there that need new homes. Hubby wants to repair/replace the attic fan before I begin returning what we will hang on to. We are in a time crunch at this point as I have our "Girl Time" in the Mts trip coming up. I want this project DONE!!!!

Don't you just hate projects that seem to go on and on with no end in sight?

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  1. I know what you mean about never ending projects! I've been working in our attic room sorting and throwing away. It now looks worse than when I started!