Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Prayers For Elijah
  This is a photo of Elijah from last summer before he had his surgery. His wish for "Make a Wish Foundation" was to swim with Dolphins. Unfortunately they were unable to grant his wish do to time restraints between his radiation treatments and the MAJOR surgery he was about to undergo.
His Pappy and Gigi made sure their little Angel's wish came true :) You see we Grandparents can sometimes Get R Done when no one else can :)
I have no idea why I can't post a link to Elijah's Facebook page the past few days but I think I might have gotten it right this time. Fingers crossed!!
I have tried my best to stay on task today but with this beautiful guy on my mind it has been a real struggle. Hit the garden center this morning to purchase our spring plants for the garden. Finished some layouts that needed to be done for up coming workshops. Made an attempt to update our family calendar, hubby is about to make me nuts in this department!! A few more odds and ends tended to until I just couldn't hold the tears back any longer :)
The only thing to do was hit the kitchen for some baking therapy. DD#1 will be delivering the cookies to our little buddy and his family at the hospital. If they are like the rest of us (I am sure they are!!) It's hard to even think about food right now. Hopefully a cookie or two to nibble on will be a small help.
Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. Please do follow along on Elijah's FB page :)
A Go Fund Me site has also been set up to help cover the cost of his new treatments.
PRAYERS are of course the first and most important thing anyone and everyone can do but....the reality is even with good health insurance the cost of this nasty stuff is more than most families can handle :)


  1. Handsome boy and such an endearing smile! Truly wish everything goes well for him during his major op and recovery. Popping over to the Go Fund Me page now.

    Amanda xx

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