Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lotions and Potions

 After a long rainy day stuck in the house with the grands I wanted/needed some adult play time :) I have been collecting recipe's for Lotions and Potions that I wanted to try, last night was my chance. Love how this bottle of Lavender Bubble bath turned out. DD#1 is our bath tub Queen, she will be the bubble bath tester. The recipe along with the cute label can be found here.
 Next on my want to try was Lavender bath salts, they smell wonderful!! Still need to do some hunting for a cute label as I am too busy/lazy to make one up on my own. Here is the recipe
 The last of the lotions and potions is for a jar of Summer foot soak made with Lime and Peppermint oils. This one I will be keeping for myself!!  Here is the recipe and label
 Tater Tot was rocking the house yesterday with his musical talents
It sure was nice to have a happy baby around for the day. He was so miserable on Friday cutting more teeth!

Today will be CRAZY busy as we have window installers coming in first thing Monday morning (we hope) All of the pictures and window treatments have to be removed, furniture must be pulled away from the windows so the fellas have a clear path for the instillation, and I really and truly MUST get to finishing my secret scrapbooking project. I like to start with a plan...I have no plan in mind except to survive the next 2 to 3 days :( Once the windows are complete I hope to have a full day to get the downstairs back in order before we have the grands again.

I am hopeful that I can set up the scrapbooking on the kitchen table for the first day as the installers should be working upstairs, the second day.....maybe move the party to the upstairs hallway with a portable table. I am feeling a whole lot of crock pot meals are going to be on the meal plan this week!!!

I HATE home improvements!!! The mess, cost, and waiting around for workers that may or may not show up. I will be glad when this adventure is OVER!!!

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