Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Layouts

 Since today is Thursday better known as Throw Back Thursday in the on line world I am going to try to keep up with my plan of posting scrapbooking layouts each Thursday. My hearts not in it but for now we have done all we can for Elijah in passing his struggle along to others, baking, donation to his fund, and of course PRAYERS!!

I was using the WOTG (Workshops On The Go) Yuletide Carol Kit. In the above photo you can see all that comes in the kit. I LOVE these kits!! Lots of paper, embellishments, cute stamp set, and a color instruction book with 3 different easy to follow layouts.
 The kit has way more embellishments than are needed to make the layouts. Like I need more stuff in my stash :) The stamp set I will use over and over again!
 This kit works in conjunction with the Cricut Artbooking cartridge. I like to cut all my pieces at once so I can move along faster. If you don't have the cartridge its no problem, the directions show you how to create the layout with out it :)
 Using the handy dandy guide the layouts come together quick and easy.
 Ta Da, now all I need to do is slap the photo's on. I should have taken a close up of all the cute elements, trust me its super cute :)
 I have set our Christmas albums up using both traditional scrapbooking and pocket page scrapbooking. Figured while I had the mess out I might as well save some time and money by making my own pocket cards with the leftovers :)
 I used the stamp set on the cards along with more cuts from the cartridge.
 I also love leftovers :) this reindeer is the negative from the other side, it was just too sweet to waste :) Also used the leftover embellishments to jazz the cards up.
 I still have LOTS of paper to use on additional layouts which I will do someday SOON. My goal is to use stuff up, no more storing/hoarding!!!!
The leftovers from this kit is packed up ready to go with me on our girls Mt  trip that is just around the corner. Top Secret, shhhh I hope to share/dump anything I have leftover once I get an additional layout or two done on my BFF's :)

I have got to get focused and stay focused today!!!! We have all been so upset, worried, and just heart sick over sweet Elijah's setback that I can't get done what NEEDS to be done. Today is the day as we will have Kara and Tater Tot for 3 days starting tomorrow, throw in Soccer, Baseball, T Ball, and Football games, its a cocktail for disaster if I don't pull it together!!

We want to thank ALL OF YOU for saying a prayer for our little fella. We know the Lord has a special plan for Elijah, he has already touch so many lives with his strength and faith in the Lord. People who haven't been on their knees in more years than they want to admit have hit them for this little boy.

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