Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Windows OUCH!!

 Getting ready for the window installers Sunday was so much work!!!! Check out the sewing/scrap room. Every single room in the house looks like this. The exception is the Powder room that has no windows.
 Another angle of the same room. This is after the big clean out/purge over the Winter :(
 One of the spare rooms, loaded to the gills. In fairness some things are from the attic clean out that were just too expensive to pass on to goodwill. Hubby seems to think I have the time to list it all on e-bay or some such thing. I'm not feeling it :)
 While the window fellas were banging away I made yet another big mess working on my secret scrapbooking project.
 It would have taken hubby and I a week to install just one window!!!! I'm not sure the Marriage could have taken the strain of 23 windows!!!!
These men make the job look like a piece of cake!!!! Wish we could find more companies who are on time, reasonably priced, and take pride in what they do.

Today is day two of the window makeover. The team showed up at 7:30 sharp ready to rock and roll. I am rolling but not rocking it today! Seems I pulled the heck out of some important body part in my shoulder yesterday moving furniture around. Starting the day after a sleepless night in pain was not in this weeks plan.

I have managed to move the downstairs furniture and what not's back in place. Ditto for the pictures, lamps, and all that jazz. Using one arm, my legs, and well developed back end was not an easy task but it was no where near as hard as vacuuming with my left arm, talk about awkward!!!

The upstairs....Other than our bedroom I just can't think about that today :) All in good time.

I am Oh SO Close to finishing the secret scrapbook project I can taste victory!!!! I hope to finish it in the next two days if I can't get this right arm and shoulder to cooperate.

Home improvements are not for the faint of heart, writing the check is even harder. I wonder if they will let me off the hook due to my arm injury :)

I hope to share the finished window project tomorrow as well as the cutest thing ever the fella's made for me out of our old kitchen windows!!!! I am in LOVE with these men :)


  1. I cannot wait for the reveal of the secret scrapbook project and the new windows. All very exciting at your house!

  2. That window makeover sure looks promising. I can't wait to see the result. I hope that you can share photos of it soon. I'm sure all of the hard work and hassles will be worth it. Thanks for sharing, Debby!

    Darryl Smith @ Franklin Window And Door

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