Friday, April 10, 2015

Busy Beavers

 Check out the blooms on this apple tree. It was a wonderful place to sit and rest while the rug rats were here today!
 Garden planting has begun. Lettuce, Cabbage, Kale, and Broccoli
 Yellow onions too
 Humm, not sure how this posted twice, even less sure how to make it go away :)
 Tater Tot loves going to the park now that he is old enough to toddle around
 Kara is showing him how it's done
 One of his very favorite things ever to do is to play the park piano. He rocks it :)
Kara, runs, runs, and runs some more, never ever slows down :( Poor old me can't keep up.
It was a long HOT day today. I thought I would run the kiddo's in the park this morning to slow them down for the afternoon. I was wrong!!!! Finally got Tater Tot to take a nap by rocking him under the apple tree while sister kept busy, chasing bee's, digging worms, picking dandelions, cooking yummy treats in her kitchen gathered from yard waste. So thankful that hubby came home early!!!! He and Kara had a late lunch out and another round at the playground while I entertained Mr. Man.
We both fell asleep in our chairs before 5:00, we are getting old :)
Supper? What supper? I had a nice coupon to "Outback" so off we went.
Spent an hour in the attic tonight passing down more treasures (trash) to hubby. Nothing better to do on a Friday night than manual labor in a 100 degree attic!!! Yep we are getting old :)
At least tomorrow we will catch a bit of a break with just one soccer game to attend, baseball and T-ball have the day off. Of course that frees the afternoon up for more yard work, garden chores, and attic clean out. Don't you just LOVE spring :)

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