Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Prayers For This Sweet Blogger

 My sweet, makes me crazy some days, wouldn't trade him for the world hubby's Cherry tree

I love this photo. The sun peeking out between the branches reminds me our Lord is up there watching over us every day.

I worked on a post last night before hitting the bed, just needed to add a little update this morning before hitting the publish button. Before I got on that task I checked e-mail to see if there was anything pressing that needed attention. Nope, thankfully the day can go as planned, what the heck I will take the time to look at the Blog Lovin updates.

I was so sad to read of the passing of a fellow bloggers sweet Husband. The obstacles the Lord has placed on her over the past few years would have me hiding under my bed. Oh No not her!! She carries on with a spring in her step climbing that mountain every day. Please stop by her blog today to offer a word of encouragement. If you have the time read back on the journey she has been on with her sweet man while being the "Mommy" to her Grandchildren.


  1. oh dear me, I will pop over and pass on my condolences.

  2. So very sad... :( I left a comment for her & sent up a prayer.