Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Prayer Request

This morning I should be cooking, baking, and merry making for our Easter dinner this afternoon but I am frozen on the sofa with fear and pain for sweet Elijah. Mommy posted this photo yesterday of Elijah and his little Brother Sam. It breaks my heart.

 Today we will be blessed to be with our big and little kids. We will eat like there is no tomorrow, laugh at all the funny things the little kids do, enjoy their excitement over what the bunny left for them. I know I will get some photo's of them in their sweet Easter outfits, their faces covered in chocolate candy and other sweet delights. I will treasure them always.

 But this photo of Sam and Elijah.......There are just not enough words. Two little boys enjoying a game of basketball. It is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time

I have a special Easter prayer request for our little buddy Elijah. He and his family are waiting on test results to find out the cause of his pain and the fluid build up in his lungs. I think many of you have been following along on Elijah's battle on his facebook page "Prayers for Elijah" but for those that don't this little boy needs all of our  prayers.

Prayers of healing for Elijah, prayers of peace and comfort for his Mommy, Brother, Pappy, GiGi, Aunt Julie, and the hundreds of friends young and old that love this sweet little boy.


  1. Prayers for Elijah! I pray the doctor's find out what's causing his pain and are able to treat it, thus bringing healing to him. I also pray for peace and comfort for his mommy, family and friends.

  2. I just read the update and my prayers have been renewed. May the sincerity of the prayers of so many who care about Elijah encircle the family and friends.