Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Stuff

 One of my hope to do's this summer is begin killing off the massive amount of Ivy in one of the natural beds in the back yard so the flowers have a chance to shine.
 Last weekend hubby and I began the task of cleaning up the mess after lighting struck this tree. We have lots and lots of outdoor projects :)
 These new "Free for me" scrapbooking bags are pack and ready to go. I hope to make a BIG dent in the top secret project during our girls Mt getaway.
 Love these cute charms on the bags
Newest lotion/potions I made last night. I got the free recipe and labels from here. They will be tucked into a goodie container I am giving my GF's in the Mt's.

The weatherman predicted SUNSHINE for today. So far he has failed!!! We are starting our 6th day of rain this morning :(. The grands are going to be so upset if their games are cancelled today. Kara especially needs to get on a field, any field!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon SIL#2 helped me get the last of the heavy items out of the attic!!! Ya, almost done. Hubby was able to hand the majority of everything I had sorted back up to me so we are 90% done!!!! I need to finish up after the grands leave today so we will be ready to ROCK the next big project on our list when I return home from our girl trip.

Up next on the BIG projects WINDOWS, ouch!! All of the window treatments, pictures on the walls, furniture, and such will have to be moved/taken down for the installers to do their thing. I so hate giving up the original wood frame windows but there is nothing else we can do as to try and repair them would cost twice as much as replacing them.

I have been digging around on Pintrest for ideas to recycle a few of our original windows. I hate to see all of them loaded up for the dump :(

I'm not big on changes. especially changes that cost Thousand's of dollars!!!!

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