Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Broke but Happy

 How cute is this? I wanted to keep some of our kitchen windows from the dump as I have so many sweet memories of looking out those windows watching our girls grow up and now the grands running around. One of the workers ask if I had plans for the windows they were saving for me. Not really, figured I would think of something in the future. He offered to make us a mini green house for FREE!!! Wow!!!! I love how it turned out!!! I insisted he take a little something for his time, take his wife out to dinner or something :)
 She is ALL DONE, as is our bank account :) If and when we ever have time we plan on planting rose bushes in the front beds. Life is so stinkin crazy right now it's hard to plan anything.
 Before the window team left today they offered to move the HEAVY green house wherever I wanted it. My first thought was in the back yard so I could look at it every time I was washing dishes but... I got thinking the grands and glass were not a good combo :) I had them put it right smack in the middle of one of the main beds in the front yard :) It makes me HAPPY.

Here is a peek at the top secret scrapbooking project I am working on. It has been a labor of love, tears, and hope. I think I printed the last 48 photo's I want to include in what has now turned into a 2 volume scrapbook. This is one of the hardest gifts I have ever in my life made, I never ever want to do another one :(

It's been such a crazy, busy, happy, sad, emotional time around our home the past few months I feel like I don't even know who I am these days. Have you ever been overwhelmed by it all? Right now that's where I am at.

I seem to be running in circles, getting nowhere fast. It's life, real life and sometimes it's just not fun, down right heart breaking at times. So for now I am doing what I can, when I can, and spending a whole heck of a lot of time with the Bible. I know somewhere within those pages there is an answer to everything that is going on. I need the Lords strength as my own is running very low.

Bear with me as I try to pull up my boot straps and get it back together :)


  1. That's the sweetest little greenhouse I've ever seen. What a great idea to preserve the windows of your memories into something useful and beautiful. I hope you will share your scrapbook pages with us one day. I love scrapbooking, too. Just haven't had much time lately to spend on them. Needless to say, my photo log is backing up, big time. Hope you find the answers you need to get back on an even keel. There's no better place to look to than the Bible.

  2. that is a cute little greenhouse. Take your time to take a breath.

  3. Love the green house, any idea what you will put in it? Are you going to share the scrapbook in an upcoming blog?

    I too could sure use some answers right now, lots of prayer time needed.