Saturday, April 4, 2015

Play Day

 Yesterday was mostly about me :) I wanted to lay low to give my brain some time to get back to normal (whatever that is) I figured working on some scrapbook pages would be just what I needed. This layout is hard to see as I had already put the pages in page protectors so I could add Flip Flaps for even more photo spots.
 I used Close To My Hearts "Pathfinder WOTG". Included in the kit are lots of cute cork embellishments shown here, the chevron dot and the owl, love them :)
 Humm, I had some adhesive backed cork in my craft supplies along with more stamps than any one person should own so I pulled some fun fall stamps out to give it a try. One of the MANY things I love about good stamps are their versatility.
 What the heck it was still early in the day so I used my "Homemade" cork embellishments for another fall layout with the WOTG kit
 I really like the way they turned out, simple, easy, and cute.
Ta Da, the layouts look a bit bare right now but once I add photo's they will come to life.
Hubby was stuck in traffic for 2 hours yesterday coming home from work...I decided to not throw him on the grill :) Tonight will be a different story. I defrosted two nice steaks yesterday, in addition to some fresh veggies that are ready to be grilled. The man will have to work for his dinner! FYI, I would never cook my hubby, he is like me, a tough old bird, not tasty at all :)
So I have a little announcement, secret, something to share that I have been holding back on this blog. I joined Close To My Heart otherwise known as CTMH in the on line world. There I said it :) I in NO WAY want this blog to turn into a sale's site. Not that I am knocking others who choose to do so but it's just not me :) I have thought about starting a second blog devoted to just CTMH related stuff but the reality is I have NO TIME to keep up two blogs. As I am sure you have noticed keeping this one up has been a real challenge lately.
That being said I decided I would devote Thursday blog posts to scrapbooking. In no way shape or form do I want to shove stuff down peoples throat to buy, buy, buy!!! However now that I don't have the kiddo's full time I am able, determined, obsessed with getting scrapbooks done for each of them!!
So why did I decide to become a consultant? To save money of course :)
As I have been working on albums for the kiddo's I have been working from my stash, it's a LARGE stash I must say but I was running really low on plain card stock. Another reason was after dipping my toe into pocket scrapbooking (dipping being and understatement) I realized I was spending too much money on stuff that I may never use up. I HATE waste!!!!
I am a simple scrapbooker. I like the photo's and stories to be the focus in our albums. To many times what I was buying was just too busy for my taste. Once I started thinking outside of what the retailers said I should buy box  I realized I can "Make Do" with some basic tools, stamps, card stock and such. I started ordering CTMH supplies from a lady I now consider a friend :) Love that!! She suggested a month or so ago that I should sign up since I had so much stuff on my wish list, she was right, Ha
So there you have it. I worked too hard over the winter decluttering, sorting, donating, giving away things from scrapbooking that I would never use again. I WILL NOT go back down that path!!! If I don't love it, see that I will really use it up, find value in the purchase it ain't coming into out home! Another plus for me is that there is no impulse buying when I have to order on line :) Getting a package in the mail every so often is pretty exciting :)
Now it's time for me to get busy on my To Do list that has been waiting on attention for the past two days.

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