Friday, April 17, 2015

Lazy Girl Layout

 One of the things I have been working on are what I have named "Lazy Girl Layouts". They are Quick easy layouts using very few supplies. Only three pieces of paper were used on this layout.
All the embellishments are from the "Christmas Village" stamp set. Sweet little Christmas houses stamped then colored, the title too came from this stamp set, finally, the cute Chevron border punch used at the top or bottom of the pages for some texture and fun.

I have so much fun making "Lazy Girl Layouts" for so many reasons. I like the challenge of making something cute and useful that cost next to nothing!! Making do with what I have forces me to dig a little deeper into my stash. Sharing quick easy layouts with others especially newbee's gives everyone the confidence that they can do this and it does not have to cost an arm and leg :)

I am happy to report the Tata's are now being well supported on sale at only 16.99@ I sprung for two .  I am sure Y'all were losing sleep over that problem.

I stocked back up on page protectors all at 50% off, love that!!! The only snag in today's plan was I made the mistake of using a buggy at Hobby Lobby. It's the sure kiss of death to my budget :) I love, love, love that store. I didn't go too overboard but I certainly didn't stick to the list.

I broke down and turned on the heat this afternoon. We are on our 4th day of cold rain, the temperature in the house was 58. I was cold! Not sure why but when it's raining it always feels colder than normal to me.

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  1. Cute pages! Yay for the tatas! We've had rain I know we need it, but I'm ready for a little sunshine.