Thursday, April 16, 2015

This and That

 Hubby hands me this denim shirt he needs me to mend. Your kidding right?!!! He only has eleven more in his closet. This one is now in the trash where it belongs :)
 Another large project is underway. I had a massive amount of photo's developed this week for a secret scrapbooking project I am beginning to work on. I had a 50% off coupon for the standard photo's but only 33% off for the enlargements. When the fella who was working on the order saw what I was having developed he called to inform me they were going to do the entire order for 50% off!!!! I couldn't help myself I cried. Not over the money it was saving us but over his kindness in helping with what I hope will be a fun gift for someone very special to us.
 One of these days I will be DONE with all this plastic crap!!! For everyday use around the house we have switched to all glass but I do so many "To Go" meals and snacks that this is the only way to go for now. I don't want people to have to track me down to return a dish from a meal we have shared with them.
I would love to get my hands on the plastic bandit that is always removing lids or bowls leaving me with this useless pile. The lids went to the trash, the bowls to the sandbox.

Things have been thrown so off track this week, grrrr

Hubby's back is out so he can't help with getting the last few BIG things out of the attic
He may or may not be able to repair/replace the attic fan due to his back problems.
Time to drop back and punt. SIL to the rescue? I just might have to call them in to help me finish as it MUST be done before Sunday!!!!

The company replacing some of the siding on the house was a No Show again Tuesday. This is two times!!! Their new story is I had the dates wrong HAAAA Ya right. They planned for next week, no can do I have had other plans on the calendar for 5 months that can't be changed. The week after then? Nope window installers will be coming that week.

So the lady gets mad at me because they need the work. Sorry Charlie a No Show people for two weeks is moved to the bottom of the list. Our new date is the first week in May we will see how it goes. They have one more chance!!

Rain, rain, and more rain all week long has kept me from getting in the garden to weed and mulch. Sure hope it clears up before Sunday so I can at least get the weeding done before our big adventure starting Sunday.

I have at least been able to get the majority of my packing done, errands run in the rain :( and worked on plans for a fundraiser for our little buddy Elijah. There is always some good that comes from the bad :)

On for today? I am being forced to shop today as my last white Bra's under wire gave out on me. You know its been a bad week when the Tata's have no support :) Also need to hit Hobby Lobby for 12x12 page protectors they have on sale. The secret scrapbooking project is BIG, I will need lots and lots of page protectors. Need to dig around in the freezer for supper tonight. Thursday is our big meal day so I can have enough leftovers to work with Friday and Saturday when we have DD#3's kiddo's.

Just realized I have messed up my self imposed blogging schedule, grrr today should be layout Thursday :)


  1. Hahahaha! Sounds like you need a little rest and relaxation! Don't you love it when our men hand us unfixable articles of clothing? Oy! I give them to goodwill. They know where to send it for recycling of any textile. I hope all your many plans go smoothly from here on out! Have fun with the grands!

  2. Hahaha..!! Hubby must think you're a miracle worker with that shirt! I'd have tossed it too... some things are just not worth the trouble! ;)

  3. he's frugal at least........can't wait to see your secret project.