Saturday, April 25, 2015

Girl Time

 I do believe I could be a Mountain girl :)
 Sitting on the front porch each day would suit me just fine
 The kiddo's could swing
 while I rocked the day away
 One of the only things I don't like when we go to one of the cabins is how darn dark it is!! Here are two of my BFF's working away on their scrapbooks. We end up covering every counter table, sofa, and floor with our treasured supplies. That in addition to two extra tables I took along. It's amazing how much STUFF it takes to make a few cute pages :)
I miss having my coffee with our Woodpecker friend. He was the biggest Woodpecker I have ever seen in my life. Just beautiful!

I finally finished unpacking yesterday from our trip as well as getting the laundry caught back up. Had two of the grands for the day then finished the day off with Tyler's Baseball game. Hubby and I hit the bed hard last night :)

Today should be Soccer, Baseball, and T-ball games but it looks like Mother Nature might have a different plan in mind. Rain, rain, and more rain. Hubby and Kara got the garden weeded yesterday while I did my best to keep Tater Tot happy. No easy task as he just wanted to cry for most of the day. I HATE teething!!

As soon as the grands clear out this afternoon I have forewarned hubby that the Top Secret scrapbooking project will be taking over the kitchen and my time for the next few days. I need to get this gift finished and delivered. I have a hard time scrapbooking at home as all of the interruptions start messing with my Mojo :) Sewing is sew much easier and faster for me :)

Do you ever treat yourself to some "Girl Time"? When our DD's were younger my "Girl Time" consisted of being able to visit on the phone with a friend for a chat. Me time was a nice bath at the end of a day every now and then. There is something to be said for getting older, you do have a bit more freedom to do what you want sometimes :)

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  1. Your girlfriend getaway sounds fun. I've been on one scrapbook trip like that, but with several ladies. We had a ball! We all chipped in with different foods, scrapped as late as we wanted and then in our pj's the next day. Fun times!