Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beef has arrived

1/2 of the meat

Took 3 hours to finally get the beef, long story but before you leave home to make a purchase you need to check to see if you have cash or a checkbook in your purse, debit cards won't due at the butcher shop! Our friend who will be splitting the meat with us was sweet enough to run over and help me unload and divide the beef up this afternoon, HUGE help Karsyn was ready for some Nanny time and wouldn't take no for an answer. Butcher said he could hook us up with a hog when we are ready for some pork but I need to get the beef vacuum packed before I take on any more freezer projects. Worked out to around $3.00 a pound in the end, happy about that, good beef without all the additives is sooo worth it. What do you get out of a side of beef that weight in at 312 pounds?
84 pounds ground beef
16 T-bone steaks
10 round steaks (4 or 5 pounds each) Will need to figure out how to cut it up WAY to large of a piece
10 Beef roasts (4 or 5 pounds each)
2 packages of beef bones

I might be getting a delivery of a super cool new tool tomorrow.........

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