Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sewing Projects

Got 3 of these finished over the weekend
Cloth's Pin Bag

Turn your head sideways and you will see this is a place mat with a pocket for silverware and a napkin.

Here is a bit of the sewing I have been working on. The aprons are a bit funky for my taste but my girls think they are super cute. The clothes pin bag will get a little more tweaking, I want to make the next one a couple of inches wider but this one is perfect for a friend who has a retractable cloths line on her screened in porch, she didn't want anything too big. I use plastic covered material so they would be water proof, what a pain in the butt it was to work with, can't iron the seems open (would melt the fabric), turning it inside out was a bugger because the plastic stuck together as I was pulling it though, the material slips and slides so covering the button was no fun. The place mats are for a friend, the photo doesn't do them justice, the place mats and napkins are both reversible with coordinating fabric. I used a store bought pattern for the place mates, but the directions didn't take into account making everything reversible so I had to head back to the fabric store. UGH

I had Sunday off, after having breakfast with a friend I headed over to the fabric store 20 miles one way only to find a sign on the door saying "now closed on Sunday" Grrrr But it gets worse, the dreaded "Store is closing, everything 30% off" sign was also on the door. They do have a second store in a town south of us that I will now have to take my sewing classes to learn how to work the fancy sewing machine but it still makes me crazy to see yet another business that can't keep the doors open. I will be glad when the economic recovery finally makes its way to NC.

On to a tid-bit I picked up from a friend who is a general manager of a family restaurant chain. Their tomatoes that use to run $20.00 a bushel have now jumped in price to $50.00 a bushel. He says even the $50.00 tomato's are crap, so they only use them at the customers request and let folks know they are not a good quality. We planned on expanding our tomato plants this year, now I am thinking I better do a super expansion, no way can I afford to can $50.00 bushel tomato's!!!

My house is a mess!!! Need to give it a lick and a promise so I can get back on track, lots needs to get done this week.


  1. Justin has also talked about how expensive tomatoes have gotten! Yuck!!

  2. carzy times we live in right now!!