Thursday, March 3, 2011

Touch of spring

Stepped outside a bit with Karsyn yesterday and was greeted with this surprise, our Camilla bush is in bloom!! As much as we wish winter was over I know we will have more cold weather before the real spring is here. Rule of thumb for our area is don't plant before Easter which is more than a month away. I wanted to give starting my own seeds inside this year for the garden a try but until I am more proficiant in the whole gardening thing I took a pass. We will be getting most of our plants from the local nursery along with planting seeds in place this year. Rambo man still needs to build a few raised bed when he has the time, if I can ever get over this butt kicking bug I plan on picking up the materials over the weekend.
I haven't done myself any favors by trying to keep up with the babies this week when I have been so sick, that maybe why I can't get on the other side of this crap! I hope none of you come down with it but if you do, take to your BED! Rest and fluids are the only ways to get back on your feet. Not keeping anything down causes my medication to get out of whack, that becomes a pretty big problem after this many days. I always question myself should I take more since so much seems to be gone before it has time to work, or am I taking a chance on an OD if I take more? Who knows, at this point I don't feel comfortable driving until I know the medication levels are back where they should be. As of yesterday I had lost 11 pounds, but I wouldn't recommend the bug as a weight loss program, you can bet as soon as I am able I will be packing on the pounds again, maybe even more I am BIG time hungry.

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