Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekly Spending

Salad fixin's and taters cost $19.79

I went a little over on our weekly spending budget, gas is kicking our butt!! I had a few wasted trips during the week as well as a trip to BJ's which is a bit of a haul, hope to do better next week as far as gas usage goes. We haven't had lettuce or tomatoes since December when the garden finally gave up the ghost. I needed/wanted something green and fresh you can bet not a single leaf of the lettuce will be wasted! Also picked up 4 roasted chickens Sunday on sale for $4.99, we were getting low on pre-cooked chicken in the freezer and can always use more chicken broth. Baby hats were not a need but they were a want and on sale for 30% off, they will come in handy this spring and summer when I have the little girls out in the yard. Meet up with some girlfriends Sunday for breakfast, soooo needed some adult time.

We also did some planed spending over the week, my car needed an oil change and something replaced (trusted the guy knew what he was doing) and also a BJ run for some bulk items, rice, chocolate chips, sugar and such. Thankfully Rambo man wasn't around when I hit BJ's, he is as bad as a kid when it comes to throwing a little something extra in the buggy. We put back $1500.00 for vehicle repairs/maintenance and insurance deductible each year. We have a car, truck, Jeep, Harley, enclosed trailer, and a boat, I consider them Rambo mans fleet. Same thing with BJ's, we do a few bulk runs a year, having a little put back doesn't break the budget most of the time. It is hard to be disciplined enough to put something back each paycheck for all the odds and ends that you know you need during the year but it REALLY helps.

Weekly Spending
Groceries - $19.79
Groceries - $21.81
Baby hats - $36.00
Breakfast out - $6.35
Fabric store - $45.60
Gas - $ 81.20 up to $3.49 gallon now
Total spent $210.75, over budget by $10.75

Planned spending
Oil change and part - $77.21
BJ's - $169.32

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