Monday, March 28, 2011

Winter is Back

Ready to rock and roll at class on Saturday!

We have had a cold wet weekend with snow in the NC mountains, I honestly welcome a few more weeks of cold weather. We are no where near ready to get the garden planted and I have a winter to do pile that seems to grow by the day, I could use a 3 week extension of winter!!

Had my first sewing class on how to work my fancy new sewing machine Saturday, the class ended up being two back to back classes with a :20 minute break for lunch. I learned a lot (hope I can retain the info) but have so much more to learn!!! The store has decided to combine classes so I have 2 more Saturday classes that will run 8 hours each. Not sure I will be able to hang for both of them. Florescent lights do a number on my brain, I had forgotten how badly I react to the lights until Saturday afternoon. I ended up having to take a break for close to an hour just to clear my head a bit, checked with my table mates about what I missed, nothing important thank goodness!!

Taking the class was a good reminder of how blessed I am that I was able to leave the cooperate America job!! It is funny how quickly we can forget the unpleasant things we have overcome in life. I really did like my job, it was fast paced, interesting, and a great place to work however the commute was gruelling with headlights flashing, florescent lights were a nightmare for me, the noise level would be overwhelming some days and the stress to do it all was to much (I bring on most of the stress myself). I have gone from 400 milligrams of meds down to 100 milligrams since leaving work and concentrating on less processed foods. We are soooo blessed that one income can cover our needs!!!!!

Rambo Man arrived home Saturday while I was in class, what a nice surprise to pull into the driveway to a freshly mowed lawn and my super sweet husband waiting for a home cooked meal!!! This is the first time in forever that he will be home for more than 18 hours, this project has been a long haul with too many hours for a fella his age (don't tell him I said so) We have a list a mile long we would like to work on but the reality is we might knock out a few things, I am OK with that! He has already gotten the tractor battery recharged from over the winter so I can keep the lawn up while he is gone, replaced a ton of light bulbs,(a pet peeve of his, I could care less) built 2 projects with Tyler, changed the house air filters, purchased wood to make a hat/coat rack for the baby girls and cleaned off his desk (the top of the refrigerate is his desk) We have compared notes and idea's for the garden this year. We agree we disagree on some of the garden project's, (good to know before we get started) so we will go with mostly my plans and a few of his idea's thrown in. Since I do 80% of the garden work I get to have 80% of the say so!! His ideas are good, don't get me wrong but they are labor and time intensive both of which I don't have time for.

Off to get our Monday morning chores started, hope Karsyn can hold up to the activities!!

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