Monday, March 21, 2011

Kara 8 months
Karsyn 4 months

Rambo man's tree 20 years!!
As you can see from the photo's above I stay super busy with the babies!!! I am so far behind on blogging but too wore out to do anything tonight, sorry. I did get Sunday off so I spent the day at the sewing machine, photo's to come. Working on a design for a cloth's pen holder for myself and a few friends who will be hanging out wash any day now! (fingers crossed) and a kneeling pillow for another friend who needs something to get down in the dirt with, she wants it big enough so sit on as well as kneel on. Have all my receipts from last weeks spending but haven't had time to total it all up yet, tomorrow I promise for tonight I am headed to bed with a hunk of dark chocolate and a good book

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