Thursday, March 10, 2011

Working the meat

Huge packages of Round Steak
See the little piece of butcher paper in the package to the left?

Don't mind a little filler in our ground beef but butcher paper won't do

Spent the morning vacuum packing the ground beef, started by unwrapping then vacuum packing didn't work, had way to many little pieces of freezer paper that was stuck in the folds of the meat so I just vacuum packed it all still wrapped in the butcher paper. I ordered the ground beef to be in 1 pound packages, they all seemed very heavy to me so I weight a bunch of them, they all came in at 2 pounds each, UGHHH. Guess I will have to cook up two pounds at a time and freeze what we don't need. Next year I will go ahead and pick the meat up fresh in bulk and do my own thing. I was able to get into the round steak packages as well, ended up opening it all and doing my own cutting. Five packages turned into 22 packages once I divided it into the size we use the most. The roasts are HUGE, way bigger than we needed, they are too big for me to handle cutting up so I will just have to freeze what we have leftover after cooking it up. Ended the day early when my food saver took it's last breath, we got 4 or 5 years out of the old gal, hope I can figure out how to work the new one I picked up tonight!!
Also received my super special new tool today, more on that tomorrow, Rambo Man will need to help me get it set up right

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