Friday, March 4, 2011

Play Time

The girls are able to have a little play time together now. They have always liked to sit in their various baby equipment and babble to each other as long as I don't turn my head for a minute they can now roll around together and share toys, so darn cute!
In the afternoon Karsyn and I ran over to the farmers store to pay for our beef, Yaaa!! By the time we pay the butcher it will work out to a little under $3.00 a pound, that's a good deal for our area. I went ahead and put our name on the list for another side of beef for next year, now that word has gotten out he has been overwhelmed with the requests from folks. I hope I have the freezers reorganized enough to hold it all, I had planned on using one of the turkey's and hams before the beef was ready but time got away from me. I might just throw a ham in for Sunday dinner this week and free up a little more space.
Talked to the butcher earlier in the week on how we wanted it cut and packaged, I went with t-bones, round steak, various roasts and the rest in ground beef. The more he has to cut and handle it drives up the cost, next year I will know a bit more and make changes if need be. He did say I could pick it all up fresh and in bulk so I could do the packaging at home (vacuum sealer) but with the babies around I wasn't sure how fast I would be able to work the meat. Instead he will wrap and freeze it all then I can vacuum pack it as I have time later. REALLY hope my pick up day will be on a day when I only have one of the chunky butt girls!
Ate real food for the first time in 6 days last night, I ordered carry out from our local cafeteria, chicken and dumplins, sooo yummy and it stayed down. YAAA ME, maybe I am finally on the other side of this nasty bug, sure hope so cause I am powerful hungry, Popsicle's don't cut it for very long.

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