Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Planting begins

New 12 inch square foot gardens Start of the strawberry bed
We got a bit more of this and that accomplished today. Rambo man took AJ to the vet for her yearly check-up and shots while Karsyn and I worked on a few loaves of bread and a batch of cookies. I had been putting off taking AJ in because of the babies, just didn't think I had the energy to lug everyone into the Vet's office. We also turned our mattress, doesn't sound like a big deal until you try to flip and turn a king size bed by yourself, this is for sure a two man job. Our shipment of hard white wheat also arrived today, somehow I forgot to remind Rambo Man to help me bring it all in to store. Do you know what 45 pounds of wheat berries weigh? Duh 45 pound dummy, I don't think so.... felt more like 145 pounds to me. We were able to get 2 of the 4x4x12 foot gardens built and in place before Karsyn hit a brick wall and we called it a morning, still have 2 more to build and get in place then fill all of them. I hope to work on filling them over the weekend if I don't have the babies. We will be planting potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and onions in them this year. I also got one flat of new strawberry plants in one of the old square foot gardens after adding a little of our own compost to beef up the soil a bit for the year. The book says to put 4 plants per square but we didn't have much luck with anything we did by the book last year, I am gonna stick with one plant per square and see how it goes, maybe we can add an additional plant to each square next year if it seems like the plants will be healthy enough. Finished the day with packing up meals for Rambo Man to take back to the project along with 3 loaves of bread to share with the guys and of course cookies. This was the first batch of freshly ground wheat cookies Rambo man has had, he couldn't tell any difference at all!! Ya Me!! I even sneaked 2 dehydrated eggs in the batch, I needed 4 eggs but ran out after 2. The cookies were good but I don't think the were as fat as usual, seemed a but flat and spread out more to me, but who the heck knows Karsyn was having one hissy fit after another today, I thought I was gonna lose my mind! Ha. Thank goodness for pre-cooked meals!! I don't have the energy to do anything more than get the fresh sheets back on the bed and crawl in.

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