Sunday, March 13, 2011

Special Delivery

First loaf of Hard White Wheat bread
Electric Wonder Mill

Manual Country Living Grain Mill
Here is what I received last week from the man in brown!! I have been studying, researching, and pondering the idea of getting a wheat grinder for a couple of years now. Would I use one enough to justify the cost and the space it would take up in the kitchen? Should I go with an electric mill or a manual one? Could I find a mill that would attach to my stand mixer, and would it be worth a hoot? I have watched tons of U-Tube videos, on the plus and minuses of both mills. With an electric grinder the process is fast easy and very little mess, now that I have the babies saving time is a huge plus. The manual grinders are capable of grinding much more than just wheat, have no plastic parts to break and if we should have a problem Rambo Man could fix it with replacement parts that are very reasonably priced,and I think milling by hand is a cool thing. Sooooo, I decided to get both. I know it is crazy but I just couldn't make up my mind, both have good and bad features and I had the money put back to afford both. I think I have purchased the best on the market for both the electric and manual, should last a lifetime or two (like my girls would ever want one) So I am off on another adventure in food this year, I made my first loaves today using my basic bread recipe 1/2 all purpose white and 1/2 hard white wheat, turned out perfect and very yummy. I milled the wheat with the electric mill, if this is the most quiet one I would hate to hear what the noisy one sounds like. Rambo man will have to rig me up something to mount the manual mill on before I can use it, not sure what I want yet but it needs to be portable or on wheels, something like that, I can't mount it to our counters or walls in the kitchen. Picked up a book last night "Healthy Bread in 5 minutes a Day" Huge learning curve, maybe you can make the bread in 5 minutes but its gonna take me a month to read the durn book.
It's noddle making time again we a totally out, you can bet we will be having white wheat noddles this time around if Karsyn will cooperate that's the task for tomorrow

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