Thursday, March 24, 2011

YAAAA for Thursday

New Clothes pin bag
Garden sit up on

I figured out how to sew on the stinkin plastic fabric!! I put a paper towel over and under the material, it went through the machine like butter, a little hard to see what your doing but it was better than all the slip sliding and puckers I got before. I fattened up the clothes pin bag a bit, I will need lots of pins for our laundry! Still have a bit of the fabric leftover but I am putting it away until someone asks for something, the stuff is just too much of a pain to work with.

Made a batch of chocolate chip muffins with the quick mix this morning that turned out great, shared some with my Guinea pig ladies across the street and they agreed, much better with the extra sugar and a bit more white flour, so that recipe is a keeper.

Update on the lettuce: Lunch - Taco Salad, Supper spaghetti with side salad, I can get one more meal out of what's left then no more lettuce until the garden comes in (I think)

Only one more day this week with our sweet babies then I have all day off Saturday, well that is after the sewing class Saturday morning, I do believe I might just take a nap!!

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