Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Spending

Babies hat/Coat rack

The weekly budget has been blown sky high but that's what happens when Rambo Man gets in the home improvement store not once but twice in the past 2 days and I get in a fabric store on a rainy day.

The hat/coat rack for the babies are one of the many projects Rambo man has worked on the past few days, he forgot to check with the boss (me) on the placement of the pegs so they will have to be reworked then I can prime and paint the cute little bugger. I wanted a place to hang the hats and sweaters we keep at our house for the babies.

We got the bank problem worked out once again at least for now, they always seem to come up with some new rule, regulation or fee that throws a monkey wrench in my banking.

Picked up the boat cover that I haven't been able to get to. I couldn't carry the babies and lug a 40 pound cover at the same time. Here is something you don't find very often, we had the same company repair the boat cover 2 years ago the cost was $140.00 so I figure that's what it would cost this time, so wrong!! They only charged $25.00 they said the seam should have held up better than it did from the first repair so they only charged us the minimal fee, now how cool is that!!

We have the wood cut for the 4 new 4x4x12 raised garden beds we are adding this year but we ran out of steam before we could get that finished, maybe tomorrow if all goes well.

On to the ugly spending

Gas - $57.07 price is up to $3.54 a gallon now

Groceries - $16.43

Fabric store - $121.00 that is after the 30% of store wide sale

Breakfast out -$23.00

Home improvement store $82.00

Home improvement Store $88.43

Boat cover - $25.00

Dinner out - $11.00 (we had a $50.00 gift card from Christmas)

Over budget by $223.93 UGH!! Sometimes you win sometimes you loose

On to bed now 6:00 AM come early and we have lots more we want to do tomorrow.

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