Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inside of check book cover Check book cover turn on side, UGHHHH
Cold and rainy today, perfect for a short sweet sewing project. I'm thinking maybe this checkbook cover will make bill paying Friday a little more pleasant. Well maybe not but it is still cute. Realized when I was ready to take the photo I don't even have a check book holder any more. I never carry the checkbook around, it just sets in the desk for bill paying. Better order one next time we need checks, this one went to daughter #1 today who does have a check book that she carries in her purse. The rest of the day was spent trying to keep Karsyn happy, she is cutting teeth, need I say more.

I did do a bit of work on next month's budget as well as looked over the first quarter of this years budget. One interesting thing I realized when I was crunching numbers is we only spent $91.59 for groceries this month, woohoo!! That's super good. As you know if you have followed this blog for any length of time we eat at our house and we eat well I might add!! That works out to around $3.00 each day for food, again if you have hung around this blog much you know I end up sending meals home with our Daughters a few times each week to share with their families, we also have Sunday dinner at our home. I send meals back with Rambo man when he comes home to share with his roommates as well so we are feeding lots of people each week. Keeping a full pantry and freezer along with preserving from the garden/farmers store, buying in bulk and clipping coupons pays off. Other than milk and eggs I know we would be fine for a month of no grocery shopping which by the way I think I just might do for the month of April. Gonna have to sleep on it before I jump on the challenge, we do have a Birthday in April also a Wedding and of course Easter. Hummm, I think it is doable

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