Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Flowers

I love this little vase, a Friend got it for me years ago, so excited when I get to bring it out every year and fill it with flowers from the yard. Karsyn and I did a bit of housework yesterday before setting down to sew. Finished up 3 aprons (shown) and cut out 3 more. I decided to pick up more of the tea cup material but the sewing center was already sold out, durn

Did you catch the news yesterday when they were talking about the increase in groceries we have already experienced and that will be going up even more? In the past year, coffee is up 12%, corn 90%, cotton 154%, the whole news report was how bad things are but more importantly how much worse they are going to get with the fuel increases. What aggravates me the most is they never give people tips on how to overcome some of the obstacles that are facing us all, grrrr.
We intended on enlarging our garden this year, may have to go bigger than we initially planed, but I am not sure I can keep up with much more, we hope Rambo Man will be able to stay in the office for a bit when his project is finished, soon, very soon!!! It would be so nice to have and extra pair of hands around the house, being the lone ranger sucks!
I usually shop for socks, undies and jeans in the fall when the stores run back to school sales but I am thinking I might need to go ahead and stock up on the basics before there are anymore increases in the prices. Need to brainstorm more money saving ideas so we are not impacted any more than we have already been.

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