Monday, March 7, 2011

Quiet Sunday

Sunday was one of those days that turned out to be productive and peaceful. I have been so busy for the past few months keeping up with the babies, house, errands and everything else life throws at us that I am always frantically running from one thing to another just to keep my head above water. Being sick for an entire week didn't help any! I sooo wanted to at least turn the new sewing machine on before a layer of dust coated it, have piles of sewing projects cut out and ready to go but just couldn't find the time or energy until yesterday.

Saturday after Kara left I did hook the sewing machine up and figured out how to thread it, decided if I could figure out how to do nothing more than a straight stitch for now I would be satisfied, I will start the classes at the end of the month so I can wait that long to learn the rest.

Sunday I pulled out my time out teddy bear (crazy I know) and gave myself 1 hour of sewing then 1 hour of housework throughout the day. When the alarm would go off after the cleaning I was able to go right to the machine take a deep breath and enjoy some me time for an hour. Worked like a charm, the whole house got a little TLC, I have 3 new aprons in the works, put beans on to soak, Sunday dinner was yummy and I went to bed early with a good book. Ahhh. Getting the ham out of the freezer helped free up a little more space for the incoming beef, we also had pickled asparagus from the summer canning as well as applesauce and fried squash from the freezer. I need to use up more of what I canned and froze last summer! If the girls will nap at the same time today I am gonna find some recipies on line to use up the abundance of sweet cherries I canned and froze, we have way more than we need. Tonight is a pan of leftover cornbread with ham and a big old pot of pinto beans. Sooooo glad to be able to eat again.
CRAP, spell check is not working, sorry!!!

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