Saturday, June 30, 2012

Failed Plot

See that shinny blue thing in the driveway, yep that would be a new car folks, Not a new to me new car but a brand spankin new car.

Hubby came out of the bathroom after spending some time enjoying the air freshener and told me my little trick didn't work :( Yesterday we loaded Kara up for a field trip to look at cars, after hours of talking, rolling of eyes, pulling my hair out, you get the picture I gave up lets go home. After Kara went down for her nap and hubby was relaxing in the air conditioner I went out on my own. Hubby is just not into dealing, he always feels bad that we are (me) being to aggressive with the salesmen.

 4 hours later the best deal I could come up with other than walking away was on a new car. None of the dealers would come off the price on the used cars. The starting price on the new car was $42,900.00 after rebates, a discount from hubbies company and a little more standing my ground on the price I called hubby. I was OK with the price at that point but wanted him to come over and check it out. By this time DD#3 had picked Kara up for the day, after we walked around a bit in the 103 degree heat we agreed it was time to write the check, gulp.

I have saved and saved preparing to make this someday purchase but man alive was it hard to write the check, $32,000.00. After taking position of the keys I got cold feet once again, called our credit Union to transfer the funds, while at it I checked on financing we can get %.1 interest on a loan. What to do, what to do. I went with the loan. 

Hubby is over the moon happy that the grands and I will be secure in a reliable car when he is out of town. We are both happy that we stuck with an American company even though the price of American made cars are higher. We have NEVER bought anything other than American and are thankful that we are in a position to continue that practice.

Funny how differently we feel about the new car. He sees, shiny new paint, chrome, and more gadgets than you can shake a stick at. He was in his special place last night reading the manual cover to cover. I see a whole wad of cash setting in the driveway going down in value. Even if I took the time to read the manual I know I will never learn what all the buttons do.


  1. I LOVE your new vehicle; I will take it as "used" when you are finished with it, as I am sure we have never spent more the last few years then $2,500 on a new used 1% interest? how could you go wrong. Can't wait to see you and the Grands model beside the new car ! Stay cool, the humidity was here already at 6:00 am. phew !

  2. They say that a car depreciates 17% driving off the lot. You save a bit over 25%. I'd say that buying new was a good move. We will be doing the same with our truck in the next few months.

  3. you are so funny!!! I agree, new cars are hard to buy today...the price!! We will be looking next year and I really dread it. We share one car right now and since retirement it works nicely.

  4. Nice ride! Hopefully, it will last you until your grandkids have their own kids :)

  5. That's a beautiful car!

    I agree with you...I can no longer get excited about car payments....:)!