Sunday, September 16, 2012


 A cool wet day today, perfect for some home cooking. However it was more perfect to try something new on the sewing machine so I went for fast homemade. Garden fresh stuffed peppers (except hubby thought he had to have a store bought red pepper). When I make stuffed peppers I double the amount of stuffing then freeze the extra for a night I am too lazy to cook. Tonight was that lazy night.
 The big kiddo's suggested we have some home made chicken noodle soup as well. No problem, frozen chicken stock, dehydrated veggies, frozen noodles and pre-cooked chicken. Call it done! I took it a step farther by making a box cake mix and store bought frosting, hey at least I added some fall sprinkles! Ha Hubbby and I loaded everything up and did Sunday dinner carry out style to DD#1 home. No toys, vacuuming, mopping and wiping down sticky stuff for me tonight, all that was left at DD#1 home.
 The quick Sunday dinner left me with enough time to cut up a pile of triangles using leftover Halloween fabric from my stash. I couldn't hold off one more day giving a Halloween bunting a try after seeing the ones  Debbie's made over the weekend. Check out her blog for some super cute inspiration and she has a shop if you would like a wonderful handmade gift!!!There is a good tutorial/video here. However I wanted our bunting to be larger than is shown on the video, I also wanted it two sided.
 After stitching up the sides of a whole pile of triangles I got thinking it might be cute to embroidery "BOO" in the middle of the bunting.
 I got up the nerve to play around with the fancy dancy software to enlarge the letters. Low and behold it worked. According to the embroidery machine each letter will take 43 minutes to stitch out. How cool is that.
 Tic Toc, Tic Toc, this was boring so I went back to more sewing while the embroidery machine worked it's magic.
 Almost ready!!
 And the first one is done!! Yepeee. 
By the way we are HUGE Bama fans, that's why you see so many elephants here and there. Hubby wanted the family room to be a Bama sanctuary. It's sorta hard to decorate around an elephant mascot without going all out in the sports stores so I stuck with lots of elephants, Bama Santa's, and a touch of Bama prints around. Roll Tide.
I took this first one over to Tyler today, he loved it!! YAAAA Some of the fabric was leftover from his Halloween quilt. He thought I was "clever" to make things matching.

What a nice relaxing day we had with me sewing and cheating on a home cooked meal while hubby watched football (napped) all day. We finished up the day after Sunday dinner playing with the grands in DD#1 backyard, mud and all. It is so grand to be a Nanny and Papaw, the Mommy's and Daddy's had the pleasure of washing that nice red clay off the little ones as we gave everyone a goodbye kiss.

Before I sign off for the night to dig into that box cake and cup of tea I wanted to share with you the movie review from last night. It cost $10.00 each to get in...Holy Hannah, $19.50 for a large popcorn and drink, are you kidding me!!! However it was worth every PENNY. This is a must see movie for anyone who is sick and tired of Christians right to practice their faith in the United States being stepped on. Make sure and take plenty of Kleenex along otherwise you will be wiping your tears with butter covered napkins. "Last Once of Courage" is a must see.


  1. The BOO is awesome! I thought something happened at first, I'm glad you were only talking about decorative boo :)

  2. I LOVE the BOO ! I am hoping it isn't raining to hard so I can get to the market tomorrow for some green peppers for stuffing. Debby, can you let me know the ratio of using dry in comparison to fresh veggies in recipe ??? please.

  3. Cindy, the recipe is Paula Deen's stuffed red peppers. I will e-mali you the link!!

  4. LOVE the banner!! That totally rocks!! :) The embroidery machine is pretty awesome eh?! You must have fun with that!!

    Thanks for the movie suggestion! :)