Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekly Spending Bust

 After checking the weekly sale paper at my favorite store I saw that pork chops and chicken were on sale. We were lower than I like to be on pork chops and the chicken price was so low it seemed silly not to shove a little more in the freezer. Pork Chops were $2.97 a pound, savings of $1.82 a pound. Chicken was $1.97 a pound, savings of $3.52 a pound.
 Once I repacked and vacuumed sealed the chops we have enough for 18 meals, chicken was an additional 12 meals. That's 30 meals for hubby and I in all, with a cost of around $4.00 for each meal. Not to shabby!!
Not sure where the day went but I did get a little start on something new yesterday.

So much for saving in September. I blew the rest of this weeks budget at the grocery yesterday stocking up on meat. With the smart shopping I did Sunday and then again yesterday I am down to $6.00 until Saturday when I can reload my wallet. Not much will be going into our Christmas/vacation fund this week!! Once I pay bills Friday I hope to wiggle a little extra from that money to transfer some over but I do have a foot Dr appointment today that just might suck that account dry :( 

After doing so many challenges over the years one thing I have learned is sometimes you have to spend too really save. Now don't start rolling your eye's just yet!! I have spent $194.00 so far this week, HOWEVER I have saved $164.00. Everything that has been purchased are things we really do need and use, yes the batting and fabric were needs! We eat...yep every day, 3 meals a day, and a few snacks to boot. If I waited until we were out of pork or chicken I would more than likely be paying full price for it, well not really cause I refuse to pay full price so we would have gone without. The batting and fabric are things I use for gifts, charity, and sanity. Making most of our gifts does saves us money but even more important to me is I give a little of my heart along with the gift. Giving to charity has always been and will always be in our regular budget, having the opportunity to give a little more since I pick things up on sale can double our giving. Having a freezer and pantry full helps me sleep better at night and having fabric, paper and such on hand to keep me busy is a whole lot cheaper than Prozac. (I think)

OK that should just about do it on making excuses for blowing the savings goal for the first week! I got a start on a new quilting project yesterday. This one will be for me. Now that I have begun piecing it I realize that I haven't used bold enough colors in some area's. It will still be cute but won't have the pop of fabric I had in mind. I have plenty of fabric to pick from when I start the second one which will be soon. I need to STOP with the UFO's I seem to accumulate.

Off to scrub my toes, for the Dr appointment. I feel sure this will be the end of my boot wearing days!!! I can now shower and walk around a little when the boot is off without much pain, go me! How are the rest of you doing with Carla's savings challenge this month? Now that the kiddo's are back in school are you finding more time in your day to get some things you have been putting off accomplished?


  1. The good thing is that if you get snowed in or anything for any length of time Debby you will still have plenty in to eat! I believe in getting things in when they are on offer.You do save in the long run.

  2. I wouldn't call them excuses for blowing the budget. You'll use everything you but and you're all stocked up with food. A very wise post indeed - everything sorted then play at what you like doing. Result - happy fullfilled day.
    Love from Mum

  3. Honestly, meat has been so expensive here if I found a killer deal i'd have stocked up too!! I'm gonna give you a pass there.. ;) lol!!

    I need to get sewing as well... i'm going to schedule in an hour of sewing time each day where the kids have to leave me be so I can concentrate! lol!! I think they're old enough where i'm not the meanest mom in the world if I do that right? lol!!!

  4. I need to get stocked up on some meet, too. You are smart to do that.
    Hope your doctor's appt. went okay and that you are off the boot. xo Diana

  5. I can't let a good meat sale go by either! Its so expensive when its not on sale. I only buy when on a good sale.

  6. I spent a big chink of our grocery budget last week on chicken breasts for $1.69/lb.I couldn't pass on this deal!!

  7. I agree when the savings are there, "grab them" or you pay large later. This is why I grabbed the One Day Sale items I use yesterday. I might have blown the budget on the Lamb roast, but that was ordered way back in the Spring, so I am thinking that shouldn't count? Wishing you well at your Dr. Appt & the boot is booted out of your life! I go this morning too for xray results, wish me luck.