Friday, September 14, 2012

New Charity

 Yesterday was my run around day. One of the stops was to make a food donation to one of our local quilting stores We're Sew Creative. They are giving away a $10.00 in store coupon to each customer who makes a donation each week in the month of September to the Backpacks of Hope program . I was in need of backing fabric for one of my quilt tops and had been watching the grocery sales for the items they were collecting along with coupons. While I was at it I picked up 20 of each item shown. Grand total cost $32.17.
 I donated 1/2 the items this week, next week I will donate the other 1/2. After arriving at the store the ladies informed me they give a $10.00 coupon for each item donated up to one per week Opp's I thought they wanted 10 of each item. They were so kind as to give me $20.00 worth of coupons!! Along with the $20.00 in rewards dollars I had aleardy earned I picked up lots of fabric from the sale room at 1/2 price along with my $40.00, yepee!! The organization they are partnered with is Esther's Heart for Transformation Ministry. If you live in the Charlotte, NC area the group could really use your help and you can earn a little free fabric.
 Here is the harvest from our two pear trees, yep one lonely pear.
The afternoon was spent chasing Kara around until Papaw arrived home from up North. He joined in on the fun of keeping up with her, we are in the TERRIBLE two's phase. Oh MY!! At least she is still willing to give lots of kisses.

After getting what I felt like was enough house cleaning done I hit the roads to knock out errands before Kara arrived yesterday. The big one for the day was to run by one of our local quilt stores to make my donation and pick up backing fabric for a quilt top. With my coupons from the store I was able to find backing from the 1/2 price sale and some nice white and off white fabric for piecing. In order to make as many charity quilts as I do I need to purchase GOOD fabric on sale. Right now I have 16 charity quilts on hand!! I hope to make a donation next week of some of the baby/children quilts, the pile is getting mighty high.

DD#2 has many children from her school that are receiving food from the  Backpacks of Hope program. When I first saw the list of items they wanted donated it made my skin crawl. In my opinion these children need good food not the box junk that is on the list. However after it was explained to me that they are homeless and have no place to cook food it made more sense. With the food items they are collecting the kiddo's can use hot water to mix up the meals or in some cases eat directly form the can. They do receive one hot meal a day at local soup kitchens, which we also donate to. We too soon forget how VERY blessed we are!!!! 

Next up was get in on the Pandora charm sale for Karsyn and my Birthday gifts both coming up in October. DD#1 started Karsyn a Pandora bracelet for her first Birthday. Each Birthday and Christmas I add a charm or bead. Once she gets older Papaw and I might have to stop that tradition as I'm not sure she will want one little bead or charm but for now it works. I think I will be using the free bracelet from the promotion to begin one for Kara.

I never got to the sewing machine yesterday but I was able to do a little organizing in the scrap/sewing room. Today we have Kara again. This morning is a play date with DD#1 kiddo's, hopefully a nap for all then the family will be headed to the Fair tonight. I am attempting to be a good girl with my foot so I won't be attending the fair, instead my happy rump will be working on the "Quilt of Valor" I started on 9/11.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! We will be hanging around the house getting some honey Do's done along with lots of football on Saturday. This cooler weather is to good to miss out on!!!


  1. Such a sweet picture of that angel kissing PawPaw. Those 2 year olds will keep you busy, busy, busy!

  2. Our grandboys aren't into the kissing as much anymore *sigh*. Good score again at the Quilt shop along with your donations.

  3. That’s so wonderful of you, Debby. You have an incredibly generous heart! Where are those little fabrics you’ve earn free for helping their charity? Keep supporting your local charity by giving those donations. ~Alison