Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chilled to the Bone

 Our raccoon friend left a nice mess on the deck after we went to bed last night. Looks like he even helped himself to a few leftover beers. How in the world he got into the garbage can that has a screw on lid as well as a bungee cord had us all scratching our heads.
 After cleaning up his mess I took a photo of the table runner I finished last night. There will be no sewing this evening!!
 Our buddy "Big Dog" bought a new helmet mounted video camera for today's ride. Problem now is no one can figure out how to download the video. A few too many adult beverages late this afternoon might be part of the problem.
 When we are on the road restroom facilities are few and far between. He is hubby holding the key to one potty along the trail. Notice the key ring is a fly swatter? We soon found out the reason was that the bathroom had place cut out of the wall where a window may have been in the past!! If you would be willing to spend any quality time in there a fly swatter would have been needed.
 We mistakenly took a wrong turn and ended up on the Dragon, UGH!!!! We ran into one ambulance going up an additional one going down. We saw a Harley that was destroyed on the dragon :( We later learned the diver survived with nothing more than cuts and a dislocated shoulder, Thank you God. It looked so much worse.
 Not a great photo of the dragons tail that is at the end of the ride. I have never had the nerve to check it out but the boys are always talking about the U Tube videos of the Dragon. If your into crazy guy stuff it would be listed as the Tail of the Dragon or Deals Gap dragon.
 Then it was on to Fontana lake and Dam.
 Followed by Cherokee
 My boys, God love them
Headed back to the cabin after a very long COLD day.
I am in the bed with every blanket and quilt I can find, the fella's have cranked the heat up and have the fireplace going, it is soooo cold. Well really it isn't so awfully cold now that we are off the bikes but we were chilled to the BONE so it is taking awhile to warm up. The temperature on the bike was reading 42 degrees, shave 20 degrees off of that while riding brings the temperature down to 22 degrees with clear sky's and lots of sunshine. I don't care how many layers of leather you put on it is still cold. We were at it 8 hours today before we finally made it back to town where the boys decided we should stop in at the biker bar for a beverage.
After parking the bikes at the Harley dealer for the night (NO drinking and driving!!!) The fella's went in for a little something and I found the closest Starbucks to get myself a hot Carmel apple cider, them proceeded to fall sound asleep in the car, BTW it too was parked. Tomorrow they are on their own. I have had it with the cold weather.
These guys are a mess, I need to sign off and get them back in the cabin. They are now feeding cookies to the raccoon's on the deck.


  1. Brr..I know that feeling of cold. Thanks for the chuckle at the end, you don't only have a raccoon to deal with but all those Big Boys, more then one mess! Get warm.

  2. you know although we live in the country we never have a problem with raccoons in our garbage.


  3. sorry about the raccoon...never realized it was spelled with two c's and two o' spelling has really gone since I retired!!

    also, sorry about your is "fixed" yet????

    and wonderful story about your engagement ring!!!

    Love the mountain photos and the Cherokee area too...

  4. How fun!! I hope you will get some warmer weather soon. Hot apple cider sounds good on a day like this!