Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sew Much Fun in the Cabin

 Again the colors are off on this chevron pillow cover. They are really dark and light blue Chevron. DD#1 wanted these for her family room.
 Two fall pillow covers for DD#1, the colors don't show up well in this photo.
 Two Halloween pillow covers for DD#1
 I am thinking a nice big button for the middle once I get home.
 Three Halloween buntings ready for new homes.
 The last of the Crabby fabric worked up into a table cover for me.
 At dusk tonight I too a little walk to stretch my back after a day on the sewing machine, how peaceful is this covered bridge.
 The waterfalls are wonderful. Nothing like having the back door opened to hear the water.
 The fellas made it back safely just in time for some steaks on the grill and a little SEC football.
 While setting on the deck tonight I happened to look up just in time to see we had a visitor.
Here he is coming on down to check out our garbage. I let him have at it, fighting raccoon's is not on my wish to do list.
A huge THANK YOU to "Buzzing & Bumbling" for sharing the pillow slipcover tutorial!!! What wonderful directions, the pillow covers came together so quick and easy. This will be saving me a ton of money with all of the different pillows DD#1 is always wanting for her front porch. I can't for the life of me link up her blog, hopefully tomorrow I can get the link to work.
While the boys were riding today I had the cabin all to myself....lots of sewing and resting in the rocking chairs. Life in the mountain's is grand!!
Tomorrow I will be joining the guys for part of the day to ride the parkway then its back to the cabin to do some quilting on a "Valor" quilt while the boys go do what boys do.
Off to bed as we were all up at 5:30 this morning...UGH!!


  1. A change is better then a rest, and you seem to be enjoying it all, Debby. Love everything you have put together already in such a short time you "Whiz Woman"...and of course the Crabby table runner ! Enjoy your ride tomorrow. It has been very rainy and cold here on the Bruce Peninsula today.

  2. Love, love!!! Don't you ever rest girl?!? lol! Get some zzz's! ;)

  3. Ditto Carla - superwoman! I'm back and loving the post xx

  4. What a beautiful, peaceful place. Looks restful.

  5. It looks a really fantastic place for a peaceful break Debbie and I would have loved to have seen a raccoon.
    P.S. I love the crab fabric! You seem to have a far nicer selection than we have over here in the UK.

  6. Love the chevron and Halloween pinwheel pillows. I need to make some covers myself for our master bedroom this week.

  7. Your pillows turned out so pretty! I used to take my quilting along when my husband went off-roading in his Jeep (with a group). It kept me sane, so I understand!