Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fabric wrapping complete!!!

 Ta Da!!!!!
 After lots of dumpster diving, cutting up of cardboard, sorting, and wrapping I finally have all of my fabric stash in order. I sooo hope this will help me know what I have and not be running to the shop's for a little of this or that to finish a up project. I hope the day will come when I have time to work a lot of this up into something, but for now I really must stick to the UFO's and Christmas gifts. I thought green was my favorite color but looking at everything lined up I seem to purchase a whole lot of pink!! 
 I keep my jelly rolls (and leftovers), zippers, and charm packs in the drawers of my sewing island. So far so good I haven't let this area get overgrown. I seem to have a habit of filling up storage space if I have it. If I keep the space small and contained I do much better.
 "Quilt of Valor" stash along with a nice stack of whites are also housed in a cabinet of the island, so far so good. Patriotic fabric is another thing I REALLY buy up when its on sale. When I can find white yardage on sale it too is a stock up must.
 We are still in the island. The top shelf is for layer cakes and whatever extra project  fabric I am working on at the time. The second shelf is for fat quarters which I need to use more often, they are starting to pile up! Bottom shelf is leftover coordinating fabric that I am not ready to split up just yet onto the stash bookcase.
 Under my work table is theme containers for winter, Easter, fall and such. I also have a patriotic tub of leftovers to use on "Quilts of Valor" The smaller tubs are for scraps sorted by color. I use these mostly for appliques and embroidery stuff which I haven't been taking the time to do lately. I pulled a ton of stuff from all of the containers to use on Granny square blocks that I will be taking to the cabin next weekend. I just love making those sweet little blocks.
 All of the ongoing blocks of the month, row along, hexies and Christmas quilt blocks are now in one place each in it's own container. No more digging around trying to remember where the heck I put the ongoing blocks or fabric.
 I finished the 9-11 quilt top for "Quilts of Valor" last night while hubby went with the family to the fair. I knew walking around for hours wouldn't be in the best interest of my feet. I was right on for that decision, hubby came home with sore feet and legs!!
 Why do some of my photo's turn on me? Adding larger borders brought this quilt up to the size I like to make for the charity without it getting to big. I have done this same quilt in the past setting it on point. I think I like the looks of the on point ones better.
The binding is cut and ironed. I am thinking I might take this along to quilt while we are in the mountains next weekend. The cabin has a HUGE nice table for free motion quilting.
 Rather than let the leftover fabric be moved to the UFO pile I decided to work up a table running this morning while hubby was wondering around deciding what he wants to work on outside this weekend.
No matter if it's food or fabric I do love me some leftovers and scraps for making something useful and tasty. Once I get this quilted up it will be added to a special box for a unique gift I am working on. 

I didn't think I would be doing a post this weekend but I have been kicking butt and taking names this morning!! The Bama game isn't on until 3:30 and I am no help with the yard/garden work right now so why not stay productive with a bit of sewing. The last load of wash is on the clothes line and fresh sheets all air dried in this almost fall weather are back on the beds. 

Tonight's supper will be steaks on the grill along with the last of our sweet potatoes from the garden, a side veggie and loaf of zucchini bread from the freezer. Can't get any easier than that. If hubby and I can stay awake we will be going to the movies tonight!!! We rarely ever go to the movies but we would both like to see "Last Ounce of Courage" This might be a budget buster as you can bet we will be diving into a large tub of buttered popcorn, a coke for hubby, and a box of juice (in my purse) for me. Candy is optional!

Does anyone else have Fall fever as bad as I do? I am ready to bring all of the fall decorations out, bake a pie, and smell burning leaves. What a treat to open the windows and doors in the morning and at night!!!!


  1. Debby you have a fantastic stash of fabric there! It will keep you busy for the next year even if you dont buy any more!

  2. Wow, Debby, the results of your hard work is awesome. Incredibly organized!

  3. Love your organized sewing room!

  4. Yay Debby, have you ever kept on top of your sewing room since the declutter challenge with even more organization with dumpster cardboard. Looks all so awesome! I was just thinking I would love one more drive-in theatre before it closes again for the Season. Surely if we were closer I would be giving an extra set of hands help towards the canning! Yes Fall is my favourite season if it be dry & crisp I could keep it all Year round. Hope the popcorn was yummy.

  5. I thought I had fall fever when some nice cool weather came flowing through this past week, but today it is hot and sunny and I am enjoying sitting on the patio in shorts and a tank top. I'm ok with summer hanging on a bit longer.
    Your sewing is so super-organized now - looks lovely - and I'm sure you'll be even MORE productive!

  6. Your fabric looks fabulous!!! Well done! Aren't you relieved to have it all done?! :) The table runner is gorgeous! I love the American colours! Beautiful!