Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Achy Breaky Heart

The first of my achy breaky heart.....When I reached for the shampoo while showering I accidently hit my ring finger on the shower wall, not a big hit or anything but still. I then felt something hit my toe. I don't know why but I quickly looked at my ring finger and saw that the diamond from my engagement ring had fallen out. PLEASE don't let it have gone down the drain. I won't describe the search for the diamond, I think you can all use your imagination, it wasn't pretty!! Thankfully I found the diamond on the shower floor. My hubby's Mother gave me the ring right before she died 30 years ago, it was her engagement ring. Hubby and I figure it is at least 70 years old. I would have been heart sick if I couldn't have saved it. Add a ring repair to Septembers budget.
 The second of my achy breaky heart.....Last night as hubby was watching his yucky favorite weekly TV show, I was hot to trot on the sewing machine when suddenly it froze up on me :( Maybe the plug fell out, nope that wasn't it. Maybe a thread was caught in the bobbin, nope. I did all I knew to do to get it back up and running, still nothing. This morning I was at the shops front door as they unlocked for the day. Somehow a wad of thread had gotten caught up in the fan and shut the machine down before it burned up the motor. They are making the repair/cleaning and maintenance today and should have it ready by tomorrow so she can go with me to the cabin over the weekend. It would have taken me years to save up for another of these special machines had the girl gone to sewing machine heaven. She is the low end model but still a REAL luxury for me.
 After the sewing machine mishap last night I quickly decided I could take the embroidery machine along to work on some Christmas gifts while the fellas do their riding. Better make sure it is not having a brain toot like yesterday before I go to the trouble of pulling fabric, thread and such. If not it to was going to the shop today. I have had Mason mans Birthday place mat ready for a long time I just hadn't taken the time to get his initial on it. It is now DONE!! Another UFO is in the books.
 How cute is this fabric with cars, trailer's, bears and marshmallows on a stick. Tyler will be so excited, he an Mason man have matching Birthday place mats to use on their BD month.
 While I was at it I worked up the first of the Nativity collection that has been on my To Do list for Christmas. The Angel wants to pucker on the side :( I took her along to the shop this morning to get ideas on what to do. We all agreed that maybe I can do a little more clipping to even things out. After that I will stuff her and whip stitch the side. I am trying very hard not to lose my cool here but its getting harder!!!
 After getting back home today an old neighbour I haven't seen in years was walking by and stop to see if I had anything to donate for her church auction/garage sale for next weekend. She knew that I had given quilts to other charity's in the past for auctions and such but always lost when bidding on them, the price would just get to high. Well as a matter of fact I had a lap over sized  quilt sitting in the pile upstairs. Remember this quilt from a few months ago (I think it was) Just when you think nothing else can go wrong God finds a way to put a big old smile on your face as well as helping others!!!! I have since had two calls from others on our street letting me know Ms Perry was running all over the neighborhood showing off her prize for the auction. Oh HAPPY DAY!!!! I hope the church makes a killing on this quilt.
Here is today's clue on the secret project I am working on for DD, remember you have until Thursday morning to make a guess as to what it is.

After tossing and turning all night from the worry over my ring and sewing machine I finally got up at 1:00AM and slept on the couch. It didn't help that hubby was making a racket from every part of his body, I will leave it at that. AJ the beagle joined me soon after so I wasn't the only one having trouble sleeping in all the noise! Ha

It's decision time on what to take to the cabin now that I will have both machines working. The sewing room is in a mess after I pulled everything I might need to work on the Nativity set last night as well as all of the sewing projects I had already planned and packed up. I might just load it all up and see what happens. The fella's are super sweet to me and are always willing to lug in whatever I bring along. Wonder if it has anything to do with all the bake goodies and man food I provide.

Have you had something lately that turned your gloomy, grouchy mood around. Please share with the rest of us. We all need a little hope now and then!! 


  1. Oh Debby!! I'm so glad you found your diamond!! Now you can get strong secure new claws put on it!! My heart would have been in my throat as well! Eek!

    I'm stumped on what you're making... perhaps a pillow??

    Ps - Your envie is postal today..should only take a few days! :)

  2. Yikes, I'm glad you found it!! And I just love this angel embroidery. It's so cute!! :)

  3. Oh Man, Debby I was sick when I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring, however not as fortunate as you to find it. My g/f had a hard time not telling me "I told you so" to keep taking it in to have claws checked. Something I am certain you will be on top of now.. Love the Mason man's new placement, him and Tyler will be matched up now at the dinner table. No those dang tomatoes are going to drag me down ha ! but I will get 'r all done sooner then later.

  4. I have no clue what you are making. I'm so glad you found your diamond. I had that happen once. Right now, I'm trying really hard to look at the bright side of things. Hubby (our main breadwinner) lost his job yesterday. I went to the grocery store and there was a large platter of fresh cut up fruit for $1.49 on clearance (normally $9.99). It had mangoes, pineapple, strawberries, grapes, kids were ecstatic, and that put a smile on my face.