Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Big Girls are Special Too

 So much of the time I am bragging about our grands. Hey if you can't share that your grands are the brightest, most adorable, sweet, good looking things on earth,.... well I digress. Hubby and I attended an awards ceremony tonight honoring DD#2 from the Board of Education. She received a outstanding teacher award for her work at the Performance Learning Center. So proud...DD#2 gave up a teaching and coaching position at a traditional High school two years ago to begin her BIG adventure in working with students who don't fit in a standard classroom. Her students range from teens who have been bullied in the past, students who are too shy and intimidated in a regular classroom, mental health problems, aspergers syndrome, autistic and everything in between. She has LOVED every day that she has had the opportunity to work with these special young people, receiving and award for something she loves was a super treat. The school has and outstanding graduation rate of 100%, many if not most of these young folks head on to higher education!!!! Who says special children can't succeed! Given the right environment and a commented staff the sky is the limit!
 On to my very boring life, Ha DD#1 wants something new for her home for the fall, she too has fall fever! As if I don't have enough projects going on I jumped in this morning working on what I hope she has in mind. Its hard to know with our DD's exactly whats in those minds sometimes.I was thinking a little blog candy is in order to celebrate all of the UFO's I have knocked out this past month as well as getting a few Christmas gifts finished. SOOOOOO Here is the deal. Leave a comment on what you think this charm pack, rotary cuter and ruler will be creating.
Here is another clue, this is the charm pack all cut out. You have until Thursday to get your guesses in. I will have hubby pull a winner if there is a tie so I can get the blog candy in the mail Friday morning.
An additional little project DD#1 is wanting. I tell you that gal never stops with the decorating! Ha

After the ceremony tonight we treated DD#2 to dinner at P. F. Chang's. Man OH Man is their food over the top good!! I am not sure after some of the special deals and treats we have had this month if I will meet my save and extra $500.00 or not. :(

Lots of thinking, planning, cutting and decision making today on the top secret you guys need to make a guess at project. Also on the cutting table is another bunting for DD#1 to use this fall. While she likes the Halloween one I gave them yesterday she wants something a little more mature for Thanksgiving/fall. I dug around in my fabric that is not and will not be wrapped and came up with some ivory canvas. I am thinking I will make the bias tape from some additional fabric I have on hand and let the embroidery machine do most of the work. This will be a think it up as I go deal, but hey it's free!! If it's free its for me.

Don't forget to make a guess on what I am making with the charm pack to get in on some blog candy Thursday night. Good luck to everyone.


  1. Congrats DD# 2, what a wonderful field you adventured into helping children who need help more then some others. Let me guess, DD#1 would love you to make her a Fall Thanksgiving Banner, as she was teased by the BOO one you were so creative to have pulled out from your head !

  2. Congrats to DD! I always admire the educators that really do care about the kids and do their best to help them to learn how to become great people!

  3. Wow!! Congratulations to your Dd!! You look soo proud of her! What a beautiful photo!! :)

    Hmmm... I was going to say a table runner but that seems too obvious, and Cindy said a banner already, so I'll go with a decoration of some kind... Pumpkins?! :)