Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Goal, One Room a Day

 Saturday's room for the day was the family room. I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning windows, pictures, blinds, lamps, and walls. We moved every stick of furniture in the room so I could give each inch of the room a much needed scrubbing. AHH, a top to bottom clean room. 
 Even the popcorn machine got some TLC. Then it was on to decorating while we watched the Bama game, Roll Tide.
 I baked a carrot cake for hubby to sweeten the deal with the heavy lifting. I know my MAN!!
 One room down, many more to go.
 This is an oldie but goodie that made the cut as I am downsizing our decorations. I made this way back when DD#1 was  little. How could that have been 35 years ago?
 Our countdown to Halloween house. Now that I don't have the grands every day I will fill each door with one M&M for when they do come by then send them on their way with a nice sugar high to Mommy and Daddy.
 I made this tree For Tyler's first Halloween. Each year I add a scrapbook ornament with their Halloween photo on it. I need to get last years done. That seems to be the story of my life, always playing catch up.
 The little girls hat from their first Halloween, how could I give this away?
Last but not least the Fisher Price Halloween toys for the grands. Tyler is so excited to know he can finally play with them again after a "very long time" He told me he remembers them from when he was just a little kid! He thinks 6 years old is such a big kid!

I have set a goal for myself that the month of October I will take one room each day to clean from top to bottom, declutter, repair, throw out, and whatever else is necessary to get things back in order. I know some days I won't be able to finish and entire room but I won't move on until that task is accomplished. I am even going to spring for some painters to come in once I see how many rooms need to be done and the colors I want.

After having one or more of the grands for the past 6 years things are not as fresh as they use to be (me included). It's not like we live in a pig stye but there has been a whole lot of lick and promise cleaning especially the past 2 years with the three new little ones. Hubby is all in, not that he will be doing a whole lot of the work but having a cheer leader on the sidelines is something!! Ha    He is the one who insists that some of the work be hired out. I won't be putting up a fight on that!!!

Today was the downstairs hallway. Sounds easy right? Wrong!! I can cram more objects in a little space than anyone I know. The hall hutch was stuffed full of linens, candles and such. Who knew that much stuff would fit in just one piece of furniture. The hall closet was another challenge. It's main purpose is to hold all the Harley coats, helmet's, bags and stuff. That's all fine and dandy most of the time but once the holiday's roll around and winter is here we need that space. More sorting, pitching and decision making. It will be a WIP for now.

It won't be all work and no play, a girl needs balance you know!!! The laundry room is overflowing in sewing projects that need to be finished, craft things DD#1 has me working on for Halloween, and my own wish list. Anyone want to join in on some pre holiday cleaning? Make sure and leave a comment so the rest of us can follow along. Who doesn't love a gang of wonderful ladies cheering them to victory!!!


  1. do you have 31 rooms? :) sometimes I think that with all the company we have, 31 rooms might be good.

    I know just what you mean about a lick and a promise cleaning when you are busy with grands.
    I've been working on our home too, all summer, lots of decluttering and deep cleaning.

  2. Uhhh, I don't even remember when our house was clean top-to-bottom. I don't even have a single room perfectly cleaned right now...But I do need to do some major cleaning before my parents come to town :)

  3. While you're working so hard don't forget to make time to play, too.

    The Halloween decor looks fabulous.

  4. Count me in, as this was just on my mind to get started on with hopefully the rest of canning behind me soon (yes there is still more to do!). Hopefully once the dreaded books are done I can get started at it..any time limit or just get ready, start & go ! hahahah...

  5. This sounds like a great idea! I usually let things slide during the summer; I'd rather be outside in the garden or doing other things. I'll probably try and do one room every two days or so, just as long as I have all of them finished before the first week of November when we have company coming. I need to squeeze in a bit more canning and of course some quilting and scrapbooking, too.

  6. Can you get round to our place - there are a few rooms that need to be done (or 'bottomed' as they say round here)!
    Love from Mum

  7. I did not read this until this morning
    it inspired me to blitz my bathroom, I emptied the cupboards and stripped the room, then cleaned it and every item I put back. I then took a pile of things to the local charity shop. Tomorrow I start my on my bedroom, the first port of call is my wardrobe.

  8. I have had a busy day on sunday.I cleaned all my kitchen cupboards, decluttering and decanting dried food stuffs into lots of new glass storage jars. It has needed doing properly for ages but it looks lovely now, everything in its proper place. I love how you are decorating for halloween, my grandchildren love halloween but I dont do much trimming up for it and then only a day or two before the day itself.X

  9. That's a great idea having a goal to do one room a day. I need to make goals for myself like that too to motivate me into some action! I'm one of those people who always has the 'list' floating around. Thanks SO much Debby for reading and commenting on my blog- and for letting me know about the follow button. I *think* I have added one now, I'm so new to this - learning as I go! Lucky I have all you great ladies to learn from :-)
    Ps love all the Halloween decorations. No one really gets into it over here in Australia, not like you do anyway. The photos are great!