Monday, September 10, 2012

Quite Sunday

 All of our names are on our Christmas quilt!! Yepee. Once I got it layed out I realized one of the cornerstones doesn't show up at all making the quilt look off. Rather than rip a ton of seams to replace the way to pale cornerstone I am going to applique another piece on top of  it. We have enough room for 5 more additions to our family. I have informed our girls we need to fill in the blanks.  DD#1 let me know right off count her out for any additions, she feels three is enough! Ha
 I should have paid closer attention. A few directional fabric made there way in. I'm considering those not a mistake but instead a scrappy look. Since this is our quilt I can live with it. Sometimes perfection is over rated don't you think?
 I followed along with this post of  Carla's on encouragement. The first "feel better pick me up gift" was delivered yesterday. I hope to get the second one in the mail today. For one pictured along with the mug I enclosed 2 packets of cocoa mix and a mug rug. The next "feel better pick me up gift" will be different from this. I HATE to put glass in the mail.
 After working on DD#1 quilt and a "mini me"quilt for Karsyn I remembered I had a few leftovers from DD#3 quilt so I made up a couple of "mini me" quilts for Kara to match her mommy's.
 Then it was on to this dreaded Christmas quilting . I don't HATE this quilt as much as I once did, still I am glad to have this monkey off my back. I plan on adding 2 additional  yo yo's on the top and bottom to try and dress it up a bit more. I might also do a little more quilting on the middle panel but for now I needed to walk far away from it!!
 Lots of straight line quilting and outlining of the houses and such on the middle panel. I use some of the 75% off Christmas fabric I bought a few weeks back for the backing. Gotta cut cost where you can.
I forgot I haven't posted the steps for the Halloween pinwheel quilt, grr I will get to that tonight I promise!! One of my blocks got way off. No matter what I did I kept making a bigger mess of things so "it is what it is", the grands won't mind at all. Today this quilt is first on the To Do list, Tyler has ants in his pants for me to finish and bring it over.

Yesterday I took the phone off the hook after checking in with all the family to let them know I was checking out for the day. All was well with everyone so the annoying all day into the night political calls were put to a halt!! Is anyone else having the same problem? It is making me crazy at the number of times each party calls. Most of the time I let them go to the answering machine but its sill aggravating. November 7th can't get here fast enough for me, nothing like living in a battle ground state :(

Happy, happy, joy, joy our weather was unbelievable yesterday, cool with a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine. I can think of nothing better than getting to throw open the doors and windows to give the place a good airing out. A full day of nothing but sewing only added to the pleasure. Didn't even have to cook as I had my dinner from DD#1 overpriced Birthday dinner in the refrigerator. Note to self and DD's you DON"T take 3 babies out to eat for dinner and a show. The only show I saw was the little ones showing out as is expected of two year old's. All this for just under $200.00. We may need to adjust our family tradition of the Birthday person gets to pick what and where to eat.

Lena ask me over the weekend how many quilts we had around the house, so here you go Lena. We only have three....A Harley tee shirt quilt I made for hubby that is too big to use, a beach/picnic quilt we do use often, and my very own love it to death Strawberry Fields quilt. 

In addition I have quilts from my Grandmother  that I DON"T use, I am so afraid something will happen to them. She made each of her grands quilt when they were born our16th Birthday, and a Wedding quilt. All totaled there were 32 of us and we all received 3 quilts!!!! My Aunt who along with our Grandmother took us in when our Mother died saved one of  Ma maw's quilts back. DD#1 was only two years old when we lost our grandmother. For our DD's engagement party my Aunt sent her a quilt from Ma maw, there wasn't a DRY eye in the place when that package was opened. I was my Grandmothers last quilt. 

Gotta go, I have made my own self cry, good Lord!!


  1. No dry eyes now after reading your last sentence ...
    I love that Christmas quilt that you don't hate so much now.

  2. Like you many of my quilts go elsewhere and I dont have as many as I should. Trying to get two quilts done a week for the etsy shop plus many smaller items, even missing school this week to keep up

    I feel your pain. I dont live in a battleground state, but colorado is in the middle of it. My family is even recording the bronco games and watching them late just to avoid all the televsion adds.

  3. Wonderful story about your grandmother and the quilts.She must have been an amazing lady.You obviously take after her with your talent for quilting.

  4. Oh- and now I am crying, too, Debby. Blessings to you- you have such a good heart. xo Diana

  5. Debby...I just came across my wonderful quilt with the presents that you sent me the other day and got it out to begin working on it...I LoVe the names on each present...great idea!!!

    Gota keep up with you..hahahahahaha!!
    NO way....

    great post!!

  6. Your present quilt is beautiful. A really great idea.

  7. Love your quilts!! I cannot get over how much you get accomplished!! I've hardly been finding any time lately... :( I am almost done your order though! :) Hoping in the next few days...

    You're truly amazing, Debby!!!! :) Always an inspiration!