Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Sewing

 I tried as hard as I could to get Karsyn down for a nap yesterday. After the 4th time I gave up. Here she is sitting on her kitchen counter the last time I caught her. Papaw and I returned her home just as SOON as Mommy gave the A - OK. Needless to say she slept well last night!
 This morning I needed to get the label for DD#1 quilt embroidered then sewn on to her quilt. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.
 Here we go again, another photo flipped on me. The label turned out nice and straight, it looks nothing like this crappy photo.
 While I was at it I embroidered all of our names on my Christmas quilt. I think I will try and pick out the name DAD. This was the first name I put on the quilt, it didn't turn out very nice. I finally got things to stop puckering after using 3 layers of stabilizer. I thought about taking the Christmas quilts to a long arm quilter to have some cool snowy looking swirls quilted but I have decided to pass. I am trying very hard to cut back  on my spending!!!
 I think I am finished wrapping backing fabric and some large coordinating yardage.
Maybe if the "want to do someday" stuff is in my face I will find the time to use it up!

DD#1 loved her minky quilt!!! Yepeee!! and Karsyn squealed when I gave her the mini me quilt for bedtime. When we returned to their home after dinner for some Birthday cake Tyler was ready to hit the tub and curl up with Mommy's new quilt even before having any cake. Minky's for all the Grands has been added to my Christmas list. I think I can get 2 child size quilts from one kit which will keep the costs reasonable. Time to start watching those sales!!

Our Christmas quilt is ready to be pin basted and quilted, however It will be in a holding pattern behind the pinwheel Halloween quilt, a table topper and another quilt top that is in the UFO pile. I have all the blocks I need for our DD's a Christmas quilt as well, let the piecing begin!

While the embroidery machine worked it's magic I did a little more fabric wrapping and sorting. Just when I think I have things in order I find an additional little pile of leftovers or UFO's. I will not give up!!! I will win this battle of excessive fabric, all in good time.

It was so nice today walking around like a normal person in a pair of shoes. The bad part is I was forced to shave my left leg. Please fall and winter hurry to our area, all this grooming is taking away from my sewing time. I am ready for some blue jean weather.

DD#1 Birthday dinner tonight counts as our family dinner for the week. Too much togetherness is overrated. That leaves me all to myself for Sunday. Hubby has to head up north for a week or so, DD#3 is out of town until Monday. Want to guess how I will fill my day?


  1. Ummmm...well, I guess you WON'T be filling your day braiding your leg hair!;>) Sounds like you have a few little projects in the wings there. I can't wait to see your Christmas quilt all quilted and done.

    I love that your machine does all the custom embroidery. I wish I had gone up one notch when I bought my machine. I can do some simple embroidery but nothing too amazing.

    I hope you have a good night and can get caught up on some rest. I have THREE grands for the weekend- what WAS I thinking?;>) xo Diana

  2. Hi Debby, it is always nice to read about how much you get done. I get almost nothing done when my grands were here.
    I told my grandson this morning that I was getting frustrated by all the work that was not getting done. He just smiled and cuddled with me and said " aww, Grandpa will do them"

    I am going to start a new blog but don't have any posts done yet

  3. Oh my that look on Karsyn's face..Hahaha! What is up with those side way photos,drives me around the bend some times. How was Japanese with keeping all the Grands still with the knife throwing going on? Love the minky quilt, I can almost feel its softness through the photo. Did your "other" shoe wash up alright? you must have felt in heaven walking around again, so keep it that "boot" at bay!

  4. Oh, I understand why DD loved that minky quilt so much:) It looks so soft! So I just have to ask- how many quilts do you have at home? :)

  5. You certainly do dawdle your days away! I love the pictures.

    My grandson would hang from the ceiling fan at nap time if I didn't keep a close watch. I need the rest more than he does!