Thursday, September 27, 2012

Catch up Day

 While running around today I stopped in at Gymboree to see if they had any deals on clothes for the grands. I found a few things for the little girls at great prices but nothing for the boys. Summer shirts were down to $2.99 as well as shorts, a summer sweater (long sleeve) for $12.99 and a nice selection of leggings for $7.99 each. I bought a size up on all the summer things except the sweater and leggings which they will be able to wear this fall and winter. Total spent was $67.00 which gave me a coupon for 30% off next month on the entire bill. I will pass the coupons on to our big girls so they can do some fall shopping for the little ones.
 Finished the second Thankful bunting today. DD#2 now wants one but she thinks they are a little plain so the next one I am going to add some stamping with permanent ink. I am thinking some black swirly sort of thing here and there.
And happy mail!! I received my order for fall leaves mug rugs from  Carla I love each and every one. If you are in need of a wonderfully handmade sweet gift check out Carla's custom sewing at the top tab of her blog.

I received a second envelope with some happy mail as well. Our refund from our old bank for over payment on the mortgage in the amount of  $3,100.00 yepeeeee They still owe us a bit more from our old escrow account that should be in any day now. Nothing better than bumping up the savings account a little more.

I really do hate running around days but there was no one else to do it so I sucked it up and went about the business. I still have 2 more errands to knock out in the morning that I couldn't finish today then maybe I can keep my tail at home for a few days. 

Vacuuming was also on my To Do list today. After finishing the upstairs I moved down to the living room where I smelled burning rubber, YIKES I got the vacuum cleaner out the back door as fast as my almost healed feet could get me. Once hubby returned home he was able to fix the problem. I have been sucking up WAY to much thread while vacuuming. Some of said thread got hung up on the belt and burned it in half. No more quick clean up with the vacuum after sewing from here on, it's back to the broom and dust pan for me. 

While hubby and DD#2 watched some really dumb sitcoms tonight I hung out with them in the family room to finish pinning a "Valor" quilt. I hope to get a good start on quilting the quilt tomorrow before Kara joins me in the afternoon. I still have 3 more quilt tops waiting in the wings to be quilted. I would really like to get them all finished off before I work on any more UFO's or Christmas projects. 

I think I can, I think I can!!!! Are any of you trying to clear the decks to get started on all the Holiday cheer coming up soon? I am feeling so behind right now but it feels really good to have spent most of the month clearing out so many UFO's


  1. Good morning,
    I have a stay home, by myself day today.
    those mug rugs are so sweet, Carla did a great job on them.

    hope we both have a great day and get lots done

  2. Happy to hear your heel is "almost" better. Mine too has been since I have been wearing shoes with the orthos in the house lately. The canning has really set me back on the housework! I was just thinking this morning how I could cut back on some of the running around I do, but I can't see any escaping from not leaving the house..Weds & Fridays I have to go & then those times hubby is home or needs something. It would be nice to just "stay put" most days and concentrate the needs here. Love those leafy mug rugs ! Thanksgiving is almost upon us here.

  3. Glad you got them & like them! :) Sewing for you is like ainting for Piccaso!! lol! That's a nice chq you got! Awesome!

    Great deal on the summer clothes! There stuff is so nice & lasts long too! Way to go! :)