Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lots of Finishes

 Tyler's pinwheel Halloween quilt is complete. I talked to him after school today to see what he thought. Thankfully it meets his satisfaction, wheee
 I did straight line quilting on the center and meandering quilting on the border. I am going to stick with meandering only for the next one. My straight line quilting wasn't very straight!
 The back might have looked better if I wouldn't have hung it upside down.
 One of the many UFO's I have found while digging around. I won this block kit somewhere along the line at a class, maybe it will become a pillow top someday.
 Block of the month club blocks are complete, yuck!! Won't be using this pattern again.
 A new table topper is also finished. The pattern is from Fons & Porter "Table Top Quilts" they have so many cute projects in this book it's hard not to want to jump in and do them all.
 Now that it is finished I wish I would have done the blanket stitching of the tea pots and cups by hand. Next time I will
 I should have used bolder fabric on all of the teapots and cups, lesson learned for the next one.
 Love the backing fabric. This whole shebang was made entirely from scraps and my stash. Not to bad for "Making Do" I will for sure be making more of these, while the piecing was very time consuming it is a great way to unload lots of little scraps and would make a great gift.
 Karsyn came over this morning to help with some housework while Mommy ran Mason man to have his Helmet checked. The bottle is only water!! We don't let the grands play with cleaning supplies!!! Mopping the kitchen has been marked off my To Do list as there was enough water on the floor to mop quite a few houses, Ha
 This little Christmas gift doesn't show up very well in the photo but is super cute in person. 12 inch fabric covered glass plate with a matching tea towel. I did have to purchase an extra 1/2 yard of fabric to complete the plates, I got 4 plates from the 1/2 yard. Along with a loaf of zucchini bread (gotta unload the frozen zucchini) this will make an economical Christmas gift. If I remember right the glass plates ran $1.50 at Old World Market.
Opp's this one turned on me. 8 inch fabric covered square glass plate with matching tea towel. Super easy gift for Christmas. I found the how to video here, check it out. I put 3 coats of Mod Podge on mine so they wouldn't be so ruff on the bottom.

What do you think? Have I been a busy little beaver or what!! Having two feet to stand on has made a real difference in my productivity as well as my state of mind!! Ha

Karsyn and I also made a batch of M&M cookies for her to take home to Tyler for his after school snack today. It was a none stop day all day. Yesterday I spent the day working on another "Quilt of Valor" for our troops but this post was already so heavy in photo's I held off on posting what I have completed thus far.

I made a huge mistake after dinner tonight by hitting the couch then proceeding to take a two hour nap, grrrr I am going to have to find something boring and mindless to do tonight if I ever want to go to sleep. I am thinking some more digging around in my fabric and UFO's will do the trick. I do have our Christmas quilt taped to the den floor waiting for me to finish the pinning so I can move on to quilting. It has to be pinned and pulled up before Kara arrives at lunch tomorrow but I am just not in the mood to crawl around on the floor right now.

I'm getting pretty excited over the UFO's I have been able to knock out over the past month. I haven't hit the end of the pile yet but I am soooo very close I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I am digging, pulling and sorting things a million more projects are popping up in my head of ways to use up some of this excess fabric. Now to come up with a game plan on how to work it all in. Since I only have Kara two days a week now and the other grands when DD#1 needs a helping hand maybe I can find a plan of attack. My biggest priority will be to get ALL of the Christmas gift sewing done before Halloween. Our DD's are always coming up with ways from Halloween until Christmas to keep me busy on things they want for their own homes or gifts for their friends, having the decks cleared here at home might make things a little more jolly.

Are any of you getting started on your Christmas gift list? I have only bought a few things over the year for our DD's, none for the grands or SIL's but we are doing really well on savings in our vacation/Christmas account. Gifts for other family,  friends, neighbors and such will be homemade and should have little or no cost involved (I think) Off to my room of sin, to see what interesting things I can find.


  1. Send Karsyn on up please I could use all my floors washed up! Love snowmen, they do look really cute. Wow those UFO's are knocked off like mad, only good thing about have the nasty boot on for the month. Yep been picking up Christmas gifts all year round. Must look at my stash to see if I am done yet.

  2. Wow! You HAVE been busy! I can't believe how much you have got done. I LOVE that teapot quilt. That is really cute.

    I hope you can get some sleep tonight- xo Diana

  3. yes you have been an incredibly busy quilting, crafting, sewing beaver :)
    I love seeing all your projects

    Not started at all on Christmas here and not doing too good on the savings account balance either.

  4. Look at you! Wow, you've been busy!! Everything is beautiful, as usual :) The pinwheel quilt is absolutely awesome!

  5. Very impressive, I'm loving the halloween quilt. Hopefully I will have a halloween finish and a sports quilt finsh by tomorrow evening.....

  6. Yuck?!? Your blocks are awesome!!! I think they look perfect! :)

    Everything is beautiful! How long have you been sewing/quilting for? I hope to be as good/fast as you one day!!!

  7. I am in awe - your output is phenomenal - now wonder you dropped off for 2 hours! I viewed the video and will keep a look out for glass plates at the CS shop. Actually today I passed on 2 glass bowls at the junk shop. Maybe I should go back!
    Love from Mum

  8. Yes, you have definitely been busy! Amazing amount of things you've gotten done. It all looks great!

  9. no, I have not even thought aboat gifts...we draw names for the adults but I do need three little boy gifts and one great niece have inspired me..

    cute little Karsyn!!