Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget

I did finish up a few things yesterday but I will share them on another day. Today is for remembering the evil of that September morning that no American could ever believe would come to our country. We should never forget the horror of 9-11. Our men and women in the military are still fighting the battle that too many of us forget as we have moved on from that day with our normal lives.

I will spend some time sewing today but it will be with red, white, and blue only.

Thoughts and prayers for the families of 9-11 and our men and women of the armed forces who will never stop fighting for all of us. 


  1. It has been a really rough 11 years since, hasn't it?
    God Bless America.

  2. Aww, Debby, I love your sentiment and way of remembering. It's also the birthday of the judge I work for. She does not like her birthday anymore, poor thing. (I got her a cake anyway :-)

  3. I remember this day as if it was yesterday, knowing exactly when I watched the "live" coverage on Canada AM. Prayers to all those families whose lives with be forever touched by this horrific event and to those who are still fighting to keep us all safe.

  4. I cant believe it is 11 years since that dreadful day. I was having a late lunch and someone shouted to put on the tv in the staff room because a plane had crashed into the trade center.We did so only to see the second one hit.A truly horrific day.God bless all those who were affected directly and indirectly by that atrocity.

  5. Amen- It is a day of sadness- xo Diana

  6. Hello Debby


    I'll never forget.....my daughter was in Chicago at the time and I spent hours and hours trying to get through to her. We were hearing lots of mixed messages over here in Europe about attacks in other major US cities and I was scared stiff for her. No I won't forget! Nor the retaliation from the same terrorist group in the Madrid and London bombing where more innocent lives were lost.

    So very sad!! R.I.P


  7. My daughter & I watched a few shows the other night on 9/11 as Morgan was so very young when it happened. We watched with tears in our eyes... :( May God comfort & be with everyone who was affected on this horrible day 11 years ago.