Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of Those Days

 Here is today's clue on what I am working on for DD#1, make sure and leave a comment on what you think it might be.
The embroidery machine has decided it wants to act up today. I guess after sitting around for so long she is having a temper tantrum for being over worked. I have NO idea what the heck was going on but things seem to have cleared up for now so just maybe I can get my counter cleaned off from all this Halloween bunting stuff.

We have had a ton of rain and storms today, the perfect day to stay inside, but I didn't. When I ran out of stabilizer and pulled out my back up package I realized I had bought the wrong one, grrr Off to the big box store to see if they would exchange it for me even if I didn't have the receipt. The lady couldn't have been nicer!!! With that task done I decided to run over to the quilting store to turn in this weeks donation for "Backpacks for Kids", with the coupon I received I bought a new book on free motion quilting, I do love me some books!!

After returning home and having a nice firm talk with the embroidery machine I was hard at work when DD#1 wanted me to meet her and the little ones at a decorating store, double grr. I HATE to shop!!! Back out in the rain to help her with the grands while she picked up more fall decorations with some GC she received from friends for her BD. She only went over by $11.00, that's my girl!! Ha I did show her the project I am working on to make sure I had what is in her head right, thankfully she likes it. I also had fabric I needed to get her OK on before I make pillows she wants for the media room (ya, they have one of those, yuck) She approved of the fabric so I have yet one more project on the To Do list. Now do you understand why I have to start working on Christmas so early?  Back in the rain once again to help load up the grands and DD's packages. Nothing like being a drowned rat when I should have been home enjoying this rainy day. 

The interstate is closed so hubby and DD#2 will be getting home VERY late. Time for a short nap before fixing a late dinner. The weather man is calling for below normal temps by tomorrow. I say bring it on!!!!


  1. Hmm..no clue yet!! But interested to see what it is! Sewing machines definitely have a mind of their own sometimes! lol!

    I've decided to do nothing tonight as my throat is killing me & I seem to have caught a cold of some kind! Ugh!! :(

  2. my guess is a table runner- like I know!

    we are having some cooler weather too, so nice after all those 100+ days

  3. no idea, can't wait to see the final result.


  4. I was just catching up on several of your posts...we make quilts for QOV too at guild and have a new VA Home opening soon and are now making for them too...it is so fun making red, white and blue for our VETS!!!

    Isn't it irritating when our expensive Bernina's do not do right!!!!!!!!!

  5. Once I go out of the house, I feel doomed to getting much other accomplished! I am still going with the "Happy Halloween" Banner for DD#1 ! and can't wait to see the finished product.