Monday, September 3, 2012

Lots of MIA kitchen stuff

 Hubby and DD#2 have had lots of kitchen duty the past few weeks. Today I was ready to take back my kitchen for our family dinner. First off was to chop nuts to make the crust of our desert.
Me -  Honey where is the bottom of my handy little chopper?
Him - I don't know
Me - I can't find it anywhere
Him - The grands must have gotten it
The first of my many MIA kitchen items
 Time to open the package of pudding for chocolate layer desert.
Me - Honey where are my kitchen scissors?
Him - I don't know
Me - Don't EVEN say the grands have them. The grands don't play with scissors
Him - Maybe DD#2 got them
I needed scissors to open the following - pudding envelope, package of nuts, frozen broccoli, potato sack, bag of rice, flowers from garden I could go on and on.
I did finally find them in the garage, after dinner was cooked, hummmm
 I have four 9x13 pans. I could only find two, here we go again.
Me - I can't find my 9x13 pans where did you put them?
Hubby - What do they look like?
Me - just like these two, I need the other one for the rest of the side dishes
Him - Bet one of the DD's have them, they never return anything
Me - You might be right but then again they could be anywhere!!!
 Mason was busy in the grands kitchen, maybe he put them somewhere.
 Hubby has been home for 5 DAYS, yes you heard that right ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE. But I love him so. While I was in the fabric store yesterday he went around back and did a little dumpster diving for me!! This only a small pile of what he scored. More fabric wrapping will be my entertainment tonight!! Yepee
Poor hubby and AJ the beagle were out like a light after family dinner today. Once all the big kiddo's left taking with them the grands my sweet hubby and spoiled beagle wanted to catch up on the news.

The family has all gone home, the kitchen is cleaned, floors vacuumed for the second time today and leftovers for dinner tomorrow are safely stored away. I feel a little me time coming! I think hubby and AJ the beagle won't mind at all, they seem to have found a great way to spend their evening.

I am on my way upstairs to cut up some bolt cardboard and wrap a little more fabric, then it's on to pulling out a UFO for this week, so much to pick from!! Ha We had Mason all day yesterday while Mommy and Daddy took the older grands to the amusement park.  I didn't get a skinny minute at the sewing machine but I was able to sort a good pile of 2 1/2 inch squares for another Granny Square quilt. I made a little progress on the "Halloween pin wheel quilt along" on Friday after Kara left. Lots of things started in various stages of being completed, maybe tomorrow will be my finish up day.

I had a monkey wrench thrown in my low spend September yesterday.... I had forgotten the big box store was running a 1/2 price sale on batting and pillow forms.... CRUD. I was down to my last roll of batting and one pillow form. While I was at it I checked the measurements for the Halloween quilt and realized all the splicing, dicing, piecing and "Making Do" wouldn't work. Halloween backing fabric went on my list as well. The backing fabric was on sale at 40% off but I got an additional 10% off since I bought the end of the bolt. I would like to do two Halloween quilts this year if time permits. I should have plenty of backing to pull it off. Oh but the spending didn't stop there. When DD#1 picked Mason Man up they were headed home to get call in pizza after a full day in the heat at the park. Once they left hubby and I decided pizza out was a super good idea, with the tip another $20.00 flew out of my wallet. Thank goodness for a deep pantry and a freezer full of food, this might be the only way I can save a plug nickel this week!!!!

Off to orginizing more fabric. I feel a little blog candy is in order as soon as I get all my fabric wrapped and lined up. Has anyone else done a clean up or clean out around the house this holiday weekend?


  1. Hi Debby. I sent you an email yesterday..guess it hit your spam folder. Love your savings style!

  2. You have still done a good job on you savings even if you did have to pick up a few things you weren't plannn on. Love the picture of the hubs in the chair- Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  3. Yep running out of stuff from your stash puts a dent in the weekly budget, you were right! Ha Hubby & AJ look like a couple I know that can be found in the easy chair in the same position here at my house...Bandit and you know who.
    I do so love that Mason man.

  4. Methinks you are going to be very busy sewing by the sounds of it!